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I live in an apartment complex in this neighborhood. Before I moved in the area was kind of sketchy. Now there's construction of other complexes around the area. There are a bunch of homeless people in the area and apparently high crime rates because of it, but maybe with all the new construction the homeless will leave.
Cops could patrol the area more often.
The area can get quite lively on any given night.
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Most of the housing in Austin are condo's and all housing are way too expensive, over priced and not worth the price. Then the other 50% of housing is government housing that's catered for the Mexicans which by the way are fairly new properties with lots of amenities. I, on the other hand, have to live in a dump that cost 1000.00 a month. Austin is not worth the cost of housing for the average person.
For the most part, Austin has a variety outdoor activities and the parks are kept up to par. Not much wildlife and pollution is not an issue.
For the most part, public services respond in a timely manner. Local laws are too strict. It's ridiculous that we can't drink on the lake. Regarding Texas laws, it makes me sick that Mexicans get every thing for free even the one's who aren't legal like housing, food, school, etc. Our government caters to them way too much. I don't have a problem with Mexicans...I have a problem with the government. What about us poor white folks, like me, who are poor and can't even get a little help from the government to go to school. I had 10,000.00 taken out of my taxes which is probably use to support the Mexicans.
I feel pretty safe because I live on the second floor and my apts are gated.
The sense of the community in Austin has lost it's free spiritual way of living and has become too business oriented. Because of that, most people that have lived here a long time are moving out of Austin. However, Austin is pet friendly and most events here are too expensive to attend.
Most people in Austin live off the government and my taxes. Many of which do not deserve it. To have a decent paying job, one must have an degree. That's why I need a scholarship to go back to school.
We have 2 seasons either very hot or cool. The weather doesn't really impact my life except for the summer months due to high electricity bills. We don't have many natural disasters and my wardrobe are equally divided with both summer and winter clothes.
I disagree with Austin being the music capital of the world because most places close by midnight and most restaurants shut down by 10:00pm. But mostly, the nightlife in Austin is horrible because there's not one place a straight single person can go clubbing/dancing. They have all turned into gay clubs.
Austin has a wide variety of stores to choose from but many times I have to go to several different stores to complete my shopping list. I stay out of the mom-and-pop shops because they are simply over priced.
The public transportation in this area consists entirely of the busses. The busses themselves are nice, but a rail system would be far more preferable to cut down on traffic.
This area of Austin in particular has a very strong police presence. The APD headquarters is not terribly far away, so police are always patrolling this area.
The weather in Austin is typically fantastic, with most days averaging between 60-80 degrees.
The job market in Austin is rapidly expanding as the city grows to fill the rapid influx of tech companies moving here instead of Silicon Valley.
The food in my area of Austin is not quite as good as Austin is known for however, it's only a short drive to pretty much any sort of cuisine imaginable.
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Most of the current local businesses here are in a sort of transition phase between a lower-income area to a generally higher-income area as Austin continues to rapidly expand.
Austin is a very welcoming city to outsiders. The east side's architecture is beautiful and includes many of the colors and design aesthetics associated with Mexican cities such as Monterrey, giving the place a "different" feeling than many parts of Texas. There are a number of options for low-income residents to enjoy parks and other outdoor recreation, but many events cost more money than low-income residents can easily afford.
Cultural appropriation means many Mexican dishes have been reinvented, not always in a good way. But vegetarian and organic food is a priority for many restaurants, meaning diners with different eating restrictions can usually find accommodations.