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I love it because I feel very safe. My neighbors are very nice and there are never any safety issues within my neighborhood. I enjoy everyones presence.
I would say it is one of the several prestige places to live in the Bronx. The residenal area consists of houses co-ops condos and apartments and the minimum amount for a studio in this area is $1,500.

From all those types of residential areas , residents have the basic local shops that mostly run as Mom and Pop stores including one section is entirely devoted to kosher stores.

However it looses a star because the prices in this area is much more expensive.
Riverdale has a large community and various stores near it, there are multiple ways to go into public busy streets and find places to shop and eat at. There are also many school within the area. There are high schools and elementary schools grouped in a certain area and provided small business customers. The libraries and other schools within the area allow volunteer work for high school students who are looking to update their college resume. Riverdale is calm is specific areas but is close to many public streets people can enjoy and run errands. It has a good blend of quiet and busy with an active community.
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It’s too far away from public transit. The neighbors are really rude and noisy. No traffic noise which is nice. The area is kept pretty clean as well.
Riverdale is calm and quiet neighborhood, which is also one of its drawbacks. Sometimes, it is hard to find things to do. But if you are a fan of laid back, quiet, bird chirping neighborhood river dale is for you.
Riverdale is a beautiful area located minutes from Manhattan, situated on the Hudson River. Although it is a family-friendly community, more single people are moving to Riverdale for the larger apartments with amazing river and Manhattan skyline views.
Riverdale is a very beautiful neighborhood and it is very family friendly. It is an expensive neighborhood but everything is very accessible. The bx buses can take you where you need to go, and the BxM or 1 trains provide access into Manhattan.
Riverdale is a great place to raise a family. I grew up here and moved away in my 20s. Came back several years ago with family in tow when priced out of Manhattan for the type of life we wanted.


It's quiet, friendly, safe, filled with mom-and-pop stores for classic New York feel, and you can get a lot more space for a fraction of the price of Manhattan. Lots of parks and greenery; very walkable; need a car only if you're in a rush or plan to do lots of weekend trips.


Schools aren't terrible but not what they were; private schools might be a better option if you have the means. Commuting to and from lower Manhattan can be a drag (fine if you were in midtown, however). Not much to do unless you have an established social circle; it's basically a suburban town similar to most areas of NJ or Hudson river towns.
There are trees , there is nature. It's not so crowded, but there are still people around. Subway service kind of sucks, but still it is not so difficult to get into the city.
Beautiful neighborhood and a great location with amazing homes and apartments, great private and public schools, and very nice restaurants and cafes within the bustling avenues! Love it here
One of the best neighborhoods in NYC (specifically the Bronx). The schools and parks are very accessible and there is little to no crime in the area and the people are not intimidating nor hostile. Safe environment for kids to grow. The only downside is that it is very expensive to maintain.
In Riverdale there isn't much to do in terms of nightlife, which isn't always great if you're a teenager like myself. However, the neighborhood is very family friendly, as it has many parks and family restaurants. The safety of the neighborhood is amazing, I would feel comfortable taking a midnight jog by myself (and I'm a girl!).
This is a leafy neighborhood where residents can enjoy the sylvan wonders of Van Cortlandt Park and Wave Hill Gardens.
It's a very peaceful neighborhood. However, the cost of living in every sense, food, real estate, schools, beauty salons and etc, is very very expensive. Almost manhattan prices. It's not very diverse either. However, there is manhattan college nearby that during the school year bring a lot of life. Mostly good for families.
Riverdale is the perfect place to live in new york if you do not want to live in the middle of the city. It is only a short distance away from the heart of Manhattan, it uses one of the most commercially used subway lines, as well as a multitude of busses around the area. The area park (Van Cort. park) is enormous and has an amazing wooded area. You can surely get in the middle of it and forget you are in the same city as Times Square. Riverdale is quiet, yet still reminiscent of the rest of the Bronx, but still, it functions almost totally separate from the rest of the city.
Overall the neighborhood is great - friendly people, good restaurants, tree-lined streets. If you're looking for a city type neighborhood though this is more of a suburb though it does have quick and easy access to Manhattan for a more city feel.
Reduce the the growing rate of new crime in the area. Improve the school system in the area. Have more thriving businesses. Provide more jobs.
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Very charming quaint neighborhood. Suburban in nature but Central Riverdale has nice restaurants and shops like YoBurger. Great public and private schools in the area. Van Cortlandt Park is nearby, great for hiking.
Overall, it's a pretty good neighborhood. However, the diversity can be improved, most places are very expensive, and there are only two good public schools(not even high schools). Also, it is a ghost town most of the time. Most of the people are nice, but some of the teenagers are shady. But it's a cutesy neighborhood.
Riverdale has been my home community for several years now. The community has become more diverse with people of different age groups and of different ethnic backgrounds. Overall the community is a friendly place to spend the time with your family.