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Quiet Community with great parks and local grocery stores within walking distance. Perfect for families with pets or children.
The crime is getting a lot out of hand. You don't know if fireworks are gun shots or is it just kids popping fireworks.
I like living in this area because I'm comfortable with this area. I'm known and well respected. Sometimes our crimes rates can be a little high and that can take me out of my comfort because the concern of my safety and others around me.
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There is shooting in this area so I avoid staying in certain places around certain times.
I would rather live in an area where I fell safe, but my friends and family are here so it isn't so bad.
Although it has a reputation of being a bad neighborhood, it taught me a lot of values of life.
It's not bad but not great. The most that one would see is someone coming and going with loud music playing in their cars. In the summer the children are out and loud but that's expected. The police might pull up on a very large group of people to make sure their not starting any trouble. I have any major concerns about the safety in my area.
I say this area is ok because my neighbors are polite and watchful. It's very easy for me to get to and from places considering the nearest expressway is down the street. The nearest High School is a mile away and there are two Elementary Schools near by. There's not that much crime in my area, quiet mostly or it's just maybe where I live in this area. I do not mind living here besides there are grocery stores near by and a few neighborhood convenient stores.
We have a park district in our community so we are able to go workout, swim, and participate in sports. The people are very nice and welcoming. I was actually apart of the Chicago Park District when I was younger, they had day camp. The facilities could be improved however they are not bad, they keep some of the children off the streets
Our housing is bad but its doable. There is always something falling apart because of the cheep materials and we have to pay to get them fixed. The cost I am not sure of because it varies depending on the family. There are a lot of vacant properties and these properties are where the drug dealers and gang members meet.
I would see women at each street corner when I attended high school. They would be there to cross the kids across the street, that was the only time in my neighborhood that I've felt safe walking down the streets. I see the police all the time but they are never around when someone is in real trouble. I've seen people in my own front yard shot and killed and it has happened many times. Often I have to walk on the grass because the side walk is covered with candles, balloons, and pictures of the person who has died. My only concern is that my little brother will fall into a life of violence. He is a very shy and kind boy but if a gang wants him to one of them I'd feel lost and I would not know what to do.
Well the weather in my neighborhood is great in the summer. We sometimes bring out our pool for the kids or we travel to the beech. Most people say that it is too hot but I think it's always just right. Now the winters are hard but I love the snow, no matter how high it gets. I can never go through a winter without rounding up all my friends and either having a snowball fight or just walking to see how the snow has hit the trees. We do get floods but our home has only been flooded once. It's mostly the streets that collect all the water.
There is nothing worse than some of the fast food places where I live, actually there is only one. It's not all that clean and there is no way to know it it is even supposed to be open. It's just that bad, but I guess it brings people together since its the only one there.
Getting a job in my neighborhood is very rare, you would have to travel to find a job and you might get blessed with one in the Down Town area. The whole process of trying to job hunt is stressful. You have to find someway to get transportation just to look for a job.
The local businesses in my neighborhood are very unsafe and unsatisfactory. Not only do we not have all the things we need, but the things that they do sell are very expensive. There are always gang members hanging outside and when you need food you can't help but to walk through them. In order to get half decent food and other things that are necessary for everyday life, we must ride the bus through other gang infested neighborhoods and do our shopping.