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There are some issues in certain neighborhoods but the one I live in is good.
I love being where I am at because the area is getting better.
I haven't seen or heard of any criminal activity. I have liver for 6 months and Have seen a police officer drive down my street one time.
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People leave garbage on the sidewalks and porches, and there is a bar on the corner. There patrons park on our street because there is not adequate parking. We have been woken up in the middle of the night by people arguing or laughing, just being generally loud.
The weather is very random around here, but there are not too many problems with it
Most people work pretty close to home with a large variety of jobs.
Flooding is bad, Tropical storms happen often, and when we have snow the city get crazy because people don't know how to handle it. This area can have both southern and northern weather quality. Essential items include an umbrella and winter coat.
Traffic gets bad during busy hours of course. We have a lot of walkability. Parking can be tricky downtown. Public transit quality is somewhat poor in Norfolk.
Near my neighborhood in the past we've experienced more crimes than we do now. The police are usually driving through and near by. Crimes happen often but my neighborhood is fortunately one of the safer ones to live.
The police and fire department usually act quickly.
People are usually kind. The teens are ususally good but can be harsh but I believe it is like that in a lot of areas.
This area is good I personally just would like to experience other places to live. I would and I could live here again.
Its hard to say, there are a lot of overweight people but its balanced with healthy people.
Downtown has a lot of different restaurants to choose from.
The parks are usually clean, in Norfolk the play parks can be trashy longer than parks in Virginia beach. Overall the parks are pretty good.
In Norfolk we have a lot of historic naval attractions in the downtown area, In Virginia beach the oceanfront is the biggest attraction. The biggest local events we have are during holidays; Fireworks and Christmas lights. We also have music festivals with all kinds of music that come often throughout the year.
My area usually consists of military based families and the elderly. People tend to come and go in my neighborhood within 1-2 years.
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My local shopping centers and malls are pretty good; especially in Virginia beach and Chesapeake.
The top employers in my area would be the United States Navy, seeing as we are home to the largest naval base here in Norfolk.