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I like how fun it is, with escape houses, movies, restaurants, and shopping . I hope the streets will smell better.
A very nice neighborhood, but the general attitude is that people in this area are better (and more entitled) than those around them. I guess that is what happens when your annual rent is the same as the average person's salary.
River North is fantastic! Lots to do and is in a great spot in the city. Not entirely affordable, however.
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Very Convenient plenty of things to do and great commute options. There's the EL & Metra, Divy & uber or zip car. You don't need a car as many places are walking distance. For those cold snowy nights; uber is usually $6-10 pending where you're going!
I sometimes hear gun shots
I live in Gold Coast which is very beautiful and has a lot of boutique place
This is a safe neighborhood, I wish there was more police presence in the evenings.
The area I live in has endless possibilities of activities. I just wish there was less homelessness.
The community is helpful. There are many events that invite the communities to come out and have fun .People are very friendly. People own pets and are very considerate
Crime is badly spreading in the neighborhood. I was shot at while playing basketball before.
I really like my neighborhood.
It is getting a lot better in this area ever since the governmental housing was removed.
I love the River North atmosphere. I would love to live there again.
Chicago is a big city, so there are lots of crimes
Chicago offers something for everyone!
It's a perfect place to be for college. Outside of schooling, I have no desire to reside here.
I love living in the city. I would definitely like to live here for the rest of my life.
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Downtown Chicago is a great culture crossroad!
If you can afford it, you have access to everything.
It's high quality, but of course it's gonna be unique, downtown in Chicago.