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River Mountain Reviews

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Upwardly mobile community, people don't tend to stay more than 5-10 years
Some areas of the city are really bad, but my neighborhood is pretty safe.
I have lived here since I was born and I'm glad I was born here.
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I live in a very nice area.
There have been several cars broken into in West Little Rock lately.
Great Elementary School (Don Roberts) less than 1 mile from my house in a wonderful neighborhood.
This area is quite enjoyable and is a safe place to stay. Everyone around you are very friendly and that makes you feel like you're at home.
There are many popular restaurants nearby, even within walking distance.
People tend to live in this neighborhood for a long time, however not many people are friendly.
For pedestrains/bicyclists this area can be dangerous as drivers don't pay attention very well or move over when passing.
Because of the area this neighhborhood is it, it is very safe.
There are really great houses in this neighborhood, if you can afford them.
There's a lot of restaurants in this area.
I have nothing to say about our government.
I enjoy going to the local businesses. The people are friendly.
I feel safe in this area.
I think the employment rate is fair.
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I like living in this area.
The people in this area are friendly.
The majority of the homes in this area are in good shape.