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It is rare if there is crime in my area. I feel safe in my own environment.
This is a very quiet neighborhood and I don't think I plan on moving out of here.
No crime that I'm aware of in this area.
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This area is very quiet and peaceful, but I wish there were more grocery stores and other conveniences a little bit closer.
The area has good elementary schools that surround me and the high schools are growing, however they need more teachers that care about the students education.
I have a good sense of safety in this area. I have not needed to contact the police for any reason, so I'm not sure how quick they are to respond. I have, however, seen them at the dog park near my home.
The neighborhood is quiet, there's lots of space separating each house, and no two houses look quite the same. There's a park just down the street from my home; there's a playground, tennis and basketball courts, a baseball field, and an elementary school near by. I never needed to worry about walking home from the bus stop each day because the area feels so safe.
If i were to describe the overall experience in this area i would have to say its nice. lots of tourism, history of this place and the culture give Las Vegas a great atmosphere and gives me a sense of pride. I used to live in Seattle and the climate here is way me sustainable, i cant handle the depressing cold and rain.In the near future i see a lot of new houses being build and the economy getting better.
I have been raised in this neighborhood and it has been wonderful. Four families all moved in at the same time, including mine, and now 20 years later are still here and are best friends. There is a community feeling that cannot begin to be described. The parks are safe for children and there are always nice events going on in them. I love living in this neighborhood and I love the support that this area has given me in terms of going to college. Everyone has supported my choice and is wishing me the best. I opted out of living in a dorm at UNLV so that I could stay in my neighborhood.
Henderson is one of the more expensive areas of Nevada to live in and has a higher cost of living than the national average.
If you want lots of entertainment this won't be the best place but you will be only 15 minutes away from the best place. Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world and by living in Henderson you can access all of the perks of Las Vegas while having a nice suburban area to reside in.
You can generally find at least one of two paths for running or cycling pretty easy. Due to the temperature you won't really see anyone use them during the day but if you going at either morning or night you will probably run into at least a couple of people.
There are plenty of job opportunities in nearby Las Vegas and more to come as more business locations spread out from the city.
It is a rather low risk area so don't expect to see cops patrolling about too often but they will generally arrive quickly when called.
Most people in the neighbourhood keep to themselves. If you have children you can pretty easily find groups of other adults with children.
MacCarran International airport is just a 15 drive away and a 5 minute drive will get you to the I-15
There is not that much in the way of business locations this far out from the centre of town. A 5-10 minute is required to reach most businesses.
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Teenage vandals frequently attack the skate park and nearby pool but aside from that there is not much to worry about
While there isn't too much in the way of outdoor activities right in this neighbourhood, after a quick drive in almost any direction you will be able to access many parks, hiking areas, cycling paths and atv paths.
Hot in summer, cold in winter. It is a desert.