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Crime rates have increased over the past years
Overall experience in this area is great. Its nice and quite but once you go down the street a couple blocks the whole scenery changes not so much in a bad way but the type of people who live in those areas different.
I don't think that my area would be the best place to look for the job, unless I go look for a job in downtown. I'm sure the downtown area has plenty of job opportunities.
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It is rarely that I hear about any sort of crime in my area. Of couse, from time to time I might hear cops pass by, but mostly it is at night. Other than that, I think my area is quite safe.
My neighborhood is trying to stay neat in order to attract customers to stores such as BelAir, CVS, Starbucks, and other little franchises. 3 miles away from my house, there is a nice shopping plaza where an individual could shop for almost everything, starting from food and ending with the backyard items. Unfornunatly, there are no mom-and-pop shops, I believe they were forced to close down due to the change in our economy. Hopefully, one day there would be more of mom-and-pop shops that would be planted in my area.