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There are rarely police officers driving through my neighborhood, but there is not much that happens that would cause them to be needed. Crime is very low, so I always feel safe. I feel comfortable running or walking in my neighborhood at any time because it is well lit and there are always friendly people around.
It is a very safe area that always feels full of life. I would live here again because it is so inviting and well-kept. There are many opportunities to be active and there are a variety of successful businesses nearby.
I would have to admit that there are not many abandoned or vacant properties, the housing in Fargo is reasonable and it is the best place to start a family. North of Fargo is more of the old Fargo and consists of older homes, but the more South you go in Fargo the newer homes are being created.
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Fargo has a warm community. Everyone is willing to help others and the community is filled with people who are in involved and you can always count on them.
The police have always done a magnificent job at keeping crime rates low and keeping our community safe. As the population is increasing it is becoming more and more difficult to keep the crime rates at such a minimum, but with more people there are becoming more officers and things will generate back to normal.
Fargo, North Dakota is the one place where we have genuine people who care about others. There is no place I would rather be in this country. The atmosphere is friendly and safer than most places in the United States. I'm glad to say I'm apart of this community and would not be able to leave this lovely city.
I honesty love this place and will always come back