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The proximity of public services are fairly near in this area. The reaction of the police, fire station, troubled public service and the local laws are fairly fast to their location to which it's has been called at. I feel that the local representatives, state representatives and governors are doing their jobs to make the citizens happy.
It's a great in this area. There is probably less vacancy and abandoned houses. Most of the house are owned. The quality of houses are okay, some may need major improvement on a few things. The cost of utilities is pretty good at a good price. The worst places to reside in this area is the park, if you don't like a noisy environment.
Overall I sort of like the weather here. In the winter, most likely it will end up having a blizzard and severe winter storms to the point where some places get dismissed early or close early. In the spring, it's perfect temperature to hang outside and enjoy the weather. Sometimes there is rain. In the summer, it get super hot during the middle of the summer. Which cause drought to farms here in Iowa. In the fall, it's perfect. With the little breeze and bright leaves. The only major problem around here is blizzards and flooding. Most of the time flooding here begins with heavily rain in the spring which causes water to rise, then in the summer it sort of rises as well. But most of the time it's controled. Since our rivers are connected to some states it also cause flooding to them as well.
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The food and drink near this area is great! There are different variety of food to choose from. To having a barbecue restaurant, noodle restaurant to a pizza restaurant and more. Popular places can include Zombie Burger, Fong's pizza, Pho' 888, Sakari Sushi and Orange leaf. That's where most of the people go out to eat with their friends most of the time. My overall favorite dish in this area is Lad Na. This dish has thick noodles and a variety of seafood and vegetables stir fried together. It's great!
The employment in this area is okay. There are many jobs that people do around here. To store owner, nurse, steel worker, etc. Probably the top company is Wells Fargo. I know a lot of people that work there to make a living.
The businesses in this area and around is great. Since, DesMoines Iowa is a place for businesses and growing businesses. Around here there is a variety of stores. To different diverse markets, gas stations and a big variety of restaurants to choose from. Probably the most popular stores in my area are C-Fresh, Double Dragon, FareWay, Walgreens and St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store. From this area, you can get almost everything you need; to gas, groceries, food and items.