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Great place to live. Safe neighborhood with excellent restaurants, parks, shopping, and cultural attractions. Extremely dense and walkable neighborhood with outstanding access to public transportation.
Philadelphia's public transportation is sub-par, and likely among the worst public transit systems in the eastern US.
There is a strong police presence in Center City so I rarely feel unsafe.
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The winter is painfully cold and the summers can be a bit humid, but spring and fall are very nice.
Being so close to New York and Washington, DC, most people find better job opportunities in those cities than in Philadelphia.
Aside from fast food, most of the restaurants are independently run by local chefs and feature a variety of cuisines.
My neighborhood is the shopping district of Philadelphia which includes many high-end stores such as Apple, Diesel, True Religion, and Tiffany's.
I feel as though the community is pretty good. Although, it could be way better. I don't think I would even call it a "community". Philadelphia is a place where people come and go. Some have lived here there whole life, while others live here for a short period of time. There are a lot of friendly people in this area who help each other out. But, there are people that are not friendly. Many of them are rude and disrespectful to everyone. There are a lot of great events to go to in the community. There are things going on in the streets all the time that people can go to. I see plenty of people with animals walking in the city. It is nice, but most places like apartments do not allow pets. There are a lot of things to do in the community. Stores are all over the place. There are even museums and attractions like those all over the city. All together the community is a very fun and exciting place, but there are many things that need to be improved here.
The housing in this area is pretty great. The quality of the housing is overall excellent. The only thing is sometimes people leave things a little bit dirty and no one cleans them. There are rarely any abandoned properties in this area. Most place are lively and have people. The cost of housing although, is sort of expensive. I wish the housing in this area was not so expensive.
The weather in the spring is probably the nicest. It is not too hot nor too cold. The weather feels nice most of that time. In the summer, the weather is extremely hot and it makes having to walk almost unbearable. The fall weather is nice at first. You can wear long sleeves and be comfortable. But once it starts getting colder it is not as pleasant. In the winter, it is horrible especially when there is snow on the ground. It is extremely difficult to walk through the streets because of snow being everywhere along with people and freezing wind.
The food and drink places in this area are great. My favorite restaurant by here is Ruby Tuesdays. There are plenty of places to eat in this area. Although, I somewhat wish there were some more than there is. Most of the places are kind of expensive and not everyone has a lot of money, especially college students like myself. There needs to be just a little more variety of places to go out for dinner.
The employment in this area is not that great. There are so many people who have jobs and those who are looking for jobs. Because of that there are too many people who do not get the jobs because of how many people are applying for them. There needs to be more job opening in this area for students who need the money to live at colleges.
Ruby Tuesdays is such an awesome place to eat out.
It all depends on how much money you have.
Crimes will happen regardless of safety.
Finding a career in this city isn't the easiest. You need to be in the know, and basically sell yourself short.
It's very easy to grab your essentials without having to catch a bus or train to another area to shop. Though my area is technically a wealthy area, a handful of us (like me) are couponers and bargain hunters so we know where to go. CVS a couple blocks from me has everything needed to live life comfortably. H&M has the best deal on clothing. Trader Joe's offers up great food for a decent price.