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Rita Ranch is probably the best residential area of Tucson, Arizona, and I enjoy living here. It is a nice, quiet suburb with all the stores and restaurants you could want, and the closest high school is a good one.
Rita ranch is a community of people, although not the safest community there are good people. They come together to do what’s beat for their nieghboors. The school district is one of the best in the state.
The public schools in Rita Ranch focus more on performance scores than on actual learning. Don't let the test scores fool you; you children will be terribly unhappy in this neighborhood if they attend a Vail school.
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Very neat and easy to follow we design. There is great opportunities to find a scholarship that is tailored to what you need.
There are often officers patrolling the area. It is a very safe neighborhood.
The community is close-knit and you don't have to go far to find a grocery store or any other necessity.
I have never experienced being involved in a situation that needed police, this area tends to have a average to high crime rate but the authorities handle each situation effectively and keep the public safe.
This area provides exceptional standard of living, with many businesses and restaurants providing a vast amount of entertainment and things to do.
This area is very safe. Never had issues in the almost 20 years I've lived here.
I liked where I live until the neighbor across the street started making our neighborhood full of renters. Very inconsistent. New people moving in and out all the time.
Most homes on the east side of town are newer in development, but there isn't an abundance of abandoned homes.
The more suburban population has a stronger sense of community. Many support the local high school and college sports team and are very involved in local politics.
It is a relatively safe place to live. Certain parts of town have more instances of petty theft, but it is not very common.
It is a quiet place to live. There is not much to do in the surrounding area and most activities require a trip into town.
There are a lot of parks and recreational areas in Tucson, but I would rather go to a pool during the very hot summers. People seem to like to litter a lot depending on where you go, though I suspect the roads around prisons are pretty clean. The city doesn't like pollution because of the telescopes in here and we're pretty protective of our sunsets.
Where I live, there are sometimes robberies but those happen when people don't lock doors. Where I live people look for an easy score. On the west side of town and in town, there's about a shooting a day.
The cost of living in Tucson is pretty low and the cost of house is pretty decent. I am a little concerned about the amount of affordable housing in the city. The best areas in the city I think are at the base of the mountains and the worst area is West Tucson, past downtown.
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If you're used to temperatures with an average of 98+ it's great. Only during monsoon season will you get constant heavy showers and thunderstorms. We have two growing seasons, so two times a year a local or tourist gets to see bright yellow, orange and purple flowers twice a year.
I can't give much of a review for the bars and clubs in Tucson because I am currently underage, but the restaurants here are just as mixed as it is in most small cities. There are some bad restaurants as well as really good ones. I guess there are just as many local restaurants as there are chain resteraunts,
It's kinda bad, but not enough to deserve the bad rating. It's tough for people to find permanent jobs and tough for young workers in high school to find part time jobs.