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The area is very safe. I don't think I've ever seen a police car in the neighborhood, which I do take as a positive sign. Additionally, there are hardly any people who wander outside at night. I truly feel safe walking home at night from late night classes.
The area is wonderful. It's extremely close to the University of Arizona, while still maintaining a quiet atmosphere. I am a serious student and peace is really necessary in those crucial studying moment. The area is surprisingly not rowdy with college students. It also has this nice small town feel to it. I am originally from the city and I can't explain just how much I love the area.
Job situation for the country is poor and Tucson is no exception.
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It's really nice most of the year. Monsoon season is probably the worst part of the weather.
There are a lot of houses down here but they all look very similar.
There's a lot of variety for people to eat and I haven't even explored everywhere!
Where I live is very close to the University so there are police force always on call in case of an emergency on campus.
The local businesses are mostly mom-and-pop shops but they are very welcoming to the students at the University near them, providing good jobs and flexible schedules.
There are hundreds of places to apply from restaurants, schools, retail locations, hotels, golf courses, and the list can continue to move on. This is a college town and a large portion of the people living here are students who easily can find jobs at any of these places and many of them do.
Every street has shops, restaurants, gyms, bars, art spaces, antique stores, nurseries, and everything is so close that you don't need a car if you don't want one. I recently moved back to Arizona from Texas and, upon arriving to Phoenix, I was in discontent. Sure, it's a huge city with a ton of activities to do, but everything is so spread out. I was missing that small town feeling. It only took me one an afternoon and evening in Tucson to find it again. All within 5 miles are some of the best places to go with great food, amazing music venues with some of the biggest artists stopping by, not to mention the outdoor recreational activities just a short drive away.