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Have lived in the general area my entire life, Queens is an overall good borough but Ridgewood and the surrounding areas are some of the best to live in throughout the entire city.
Ridgewood has been my home town since I can remember it’s where most people that when are told they live in Ridgewood don’t have an idea of where that is. It is between queens and broklyn. I have made many friends here and there but Ridgewood is like you’ve never imagined.
It's great community with fabulous schools and friendly people! It has good transportation connectivity with New York city
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I have been living in Ridgewood with my wife for almost one year now. The neighborhood is very calm and green, even though there are not big parks here. I love to go to shop fresh fruit and real Italian products in Fresh Pond or to walk in Grover Cleveland Park. The vibe is popular, familiar but things are going to change with new young people coming. Comparing my rent with Bushwick or Greenpoint, I find the price very good. Just be aware that if you are searching nightlife, art galleries, or cool cafè this is not the place.
Ridgewood is a good place to live for rich people who desire a safe, educational neighborhood. Although its affordability is not the best, it has one of the best educational systems in New Jersey and provides a safe, clean neighborhood to become a part of.
I moved to the city from the suburbs. Ridgewood is the perfect medium between suburban and urban. It's safe and family oriented.
Living in Ridgewood is great. The neighborhood is a melting pot. You can find people of all ages cultures, and restaurants, or bars to suite them. There is history too. Ridgewood years ago was made up of large farms and most of the backyards in the neighborhood have either peach, cherry, or fig trees. It is a nice nostalgic memory of the old neighbors farming the land and the fruit if their past labor can still be enjoyed by the present neighbor. Ridgewood was mostly German, followed by Itallian, then Eastern European, now Spanish, everyone lives in Ridgewood. It is a neighborhood that is working class mixed with retirees, and entrepreneurs. We have coffee shops that display art work from local artist. Street festivals where locals enjoy expressing their culture and learning news things about others. welcome to Ridgewood.
Its a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. Everyone is nice and its mostly hispanic and polish although its beginning to get gentrified so everything is becoming a little more expensive than before.
Great place to live there are many different places to eat and enjoy. It’s a safe place I haven’t seen or heard about a mugging or robbery in a long time. Finally close transportation so easy to go around.
not a safe area, poor quality of schools , no quality restaurants , poor transportation, not a place to raise a family, absolutely terrible supermarkets, 99% are attached homes and are not well maintained with high rent for small spaces.
I have been living in Ridgewood for 29 years of my life. The area is a great area for people who are in there 20s to 30s and its great for older to have a family. The schools that i attended were decent. The only thing i feel that the schools should work on more is providing proper guidance to teach and educate the students. There are some teachers that are there for a paycheck. Then there are some teachers that really want to see a change in the students and are wiling to try there best to make that happen. There is another problem that i am noticing in my area. Housing cost has rising up more than ever. This old time neighborhood that was once affordable now you cant buy or even rent unless you are making a six figure salary. IT is sad because these small communities are great but they are not pushing out the working class and the poor.
I lived in Ridgewood, NY for two years. It was my starter apartment in New York City, and I feel grateful to have found such a great place to live. The neighborhood was very family friendly, full of children playing on the streets especially on hot summer days. There was not a lot of nightlife in Ridgewood, but there were grocery stores and many good restaurants. All in all, it was a pretty decent experience.
Ridgewood has probably been one of the most diverse neighborhoods I've lived in. Being on the borderline with Queens and Brooklyn is extremely cool. There are different kinds of foods everywhere from different cultural backgrounds. Ridgewood neighbors are extremely friendly and always there to help a hand. Although commuting is kind of tricky, where the L line is one of the only transport, the line is super fast to commute to Manhattan. Usually, the train takes 20 minutes max without delay. Supermarkets are also within walking distance. Usual areas are quiet, but if you want some fun and a little shopping stop by in Bushwick which is right next to Ridgewood.
Very friendly neighborhood. majority of the population is families with young children. about 4 schools in the area. many shops and stores. Rent is still pretty high.
I love Ridgewood because it's the perfect borderland between Brooklyn and Queens. It has a residential feel with lots of things to do and a significant young population. It's close enough to midtown thanks to the L train but still removed from the hecticness of Manhattan life. Move her or visit for the restaurants (Julia's; Garlic to the Chicken; Super Pollo), the bars, the street fairs and stay for the people and BOOM ass groceries especially Valentinos!!!!
I have lived in Ridgewood, Queens for 12 years. Most neighbors are friendly and quiet. There is are plenty of stores. There is a lot of transportation available. It is very diverse.
I have lived in Ridgewood my entire life. It truly is a nurturing type neighborhood where you know your neighbors. The local park here is constantly flooded with people and it makes for a homey environment.
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It was a great neighborhood to be in as a child. It was definitely family friendly, safe and most part clean. The aparments were nice and railroad style.
My experience in Ridgewood is been great. Their are many store like Food Bazaar, Deli. The communities is filled with bright individual who want to pursue their education and be the best version of themselves.
been living here ever since i was born. everyone knows each other very friendly neighbors. great restaurants and extremely huge supermarkets. in addition to this there are many corner store wont be clinically depressed needing to buy a bacon egg cheese or weather you need a toilet paper the corner sores would be very clutch with a couple feet of a walk