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The neighborhood is very walkable with a wide array of restaurants and shops that are appropriate for all ages and walks of life.
The people here are awful and nobody minds their own business. I do not know much about the area as I have only lived here for one year but overall I cannot wait to move out of Portland Oregon in general.
I live in a good area so it's not a huge issue.
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The city is great, everything I could possibly want to do is here, lots of opportunities. The bad stuff includes traffic, shady people in the area, never any quiet, and too much pollution to see the stars
There is a lot of variety that is fairly close
I think public services are available and appropriate
It can be grey and rainy here.
outlook depends on what you are looking for
There is a nice variety of restaurants nearby.
Lots of variety and small unique businesses.
This city is almost entirely run by local businesses. This gives the consumer the advantage of always receiving friendly service. This also makes it easy to find local, fresh goods and foods that are a luxury elsewhere.
I bike and take public transit everywhere, and it is very easy to get around. Transit runs often and efficiently, and motorists are very aware of bicyclists and pedestrians.
Aside from the must see attractions that are open and accessible year round, there are always plenty of events that take place throughout the year.
This is the best area to live! There are always plenty of things to do. The locals are friendly and welcoming. The neighborhoods are extremely walkable and very easy to navigate. I moved here from Florida, and my only regret is that I didn't move sooner!