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The crime is North Philadelphia is one of those topics that never goes away. People fear of walking alone at night because you can easily get rob, assault and even rape! To me this is a real concern because I have a 3 years old nephew and I would love to see my nephew grow up in a place where he can feel safe all times.
If I could choose again, I will choose another place to live. Living in North Philadelphia is a very risky challenge, and to raise children is worst. People do not respect the lives of others and the drug/crime is getting worst and worst by the day.
Despite the harsh reputation almost everywhere in Philadelphia has, all in all, this is not a bad place to call home. Like any major city, crime such as murder and illegal substance is a factor, but the Philadelphia Police Department is actively doing the best job they can to provide a safe environment for residence and visitors. In my neighborhood, we are a very close-knit community when tragedy strikes.
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There is a bit of crime, but compared to other parts of the city, it could be much worse
I was raised here, and though it was not entirely unenjoyable I do not plan to live here in coming years. My favorite aspect is how easy it is to get to the bustling center of Philly, but my least favorite is the community of people around my age group
Its Ok as long as you know how to deal with people.
My area is filled with trash littering the grounds and people who are just rude and have no drive to strive better.
real estate taxes are too much and they are going up
there are a few gyms in the area but they never have many people in them / hospital is okay
I feel somewhat safe but living in a big city you shouldnt let your guard down
I work out doors so the weather effects was a very cold winter and not its has gotten unusually hot
There are a lot of good place for 20 somethings but thats not for m
there are many businesses were u could work but not many that pay well
we live within walking distance of a walmart target wawa & kmart we also have a few small cafes
Retail and residential area. All low income. All minimum wage jobs if you can find one.
All stores and restaurant are the worst!
A lot of stores to shop at.
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We have one or two local parks. High in crime. Both are small
I've lived in this house all my life and if our family was smaller, it would be okay but right now it is cramped. The houses are old and require renovations from time to time. There are a lot of empty lots and buildings in the neighborhood
I have never been a victim before but it is a HIGH concern in our area. There is a major drug problem here. There has been a significant increase of police but I don't feel particularly safe.