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In Richmond Hill I like that there's a lot of diversity in the neighborhood. I do think that they have a lot of drug stores and deli's that they should remove. They should have more jobs and better commuting time.
I love how diverse the neighborhood is. There are west Indians, east Indians, Caucasians, Latinos, Hispanics, African Americans and etc. There are multiple fast food restaurants as well as grocery stores.
Richmond Hill is full of diverse cultures. The residents of this neighborhood are very friendly. In Richmond Hill, everybody knows everybody because everyone in so friendly.
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I personally have lived here for 17 years and I haven't ever wished i went somewhere else. I feel happy and at home. This neighborhood is so loving and kind, they are so welcoming and make you fit right in.
Richmond Hill is a calm neighborhood. There are many resturants and many diverse people. Growing up here was really good. I'd say it's pretty safe. We also are very close to alot of public transportation which is overall a plus. However, I would like Richmond Hill to be more modernized.
Richmond Hill has got to be one of the most diverse schools in all of New York City. Here one can sample the foods, witness the culture, and meet people who are from the Caribbean and the West Indies. The neighborhood is pretty safe, with crime kept at a low. There are also decent schools not far from the area, and access to public transportation could never get easier; around my part of the neighborhood, there are four buses, access to the train, and JFK Int'l Airport is no more than a 5-minute car ride away. Although it isn't necessarily cheap to move here, the rates are average (for New York) and one can travel to the city by train in less than an hour. In all, living here comes with plenty of benefits and I'm glad that I've spent most of my life here.
Growing up in the neighborhood was very enjoyable. During the day children would always be out playing together. The neighbors are very friendly and helpful.
There is always parking on my street.
The neighborhood is mixed, and the crime rate is low.
There are many trains, and buses that makes it easy to commute.
The parks are clean, and there are many trees.
It offers a wide range of stores, but lacks activities. Neighbors vary from being friendly, to wrecklessly annoying.
It's great! Especially if you like Caribbean food! It's safe. Close to the airport. Close to the subway. Has lots of buses. Positive police presence.
I lived here for all my life. Its population is filled with minorities and we all get along well. Its mostly predominant with Guyanese and Trinidadian people, which is what the area is known for. The streets can be noisy with people playing music or the local fire department, but its a well tight community.
Although Richmond Hill is a lovely place to raise a family, it has very little to offer in terms of things to do. I find it hard to enjoy my time here because the activities around this neighborhood are not interesting. Everything is also pretty far so you need a car to get to other places. It's okay, but it can be better.
Has become slightly dangerous over the years. Could be more diverse and more community oriented. The central spot to go for some activity would definitely be Liberty ave. A lot to eat and many buses run here.
I love the diversity of Richmond Hill. There would be times where we fight but there are many times in where we get along with each other.
my experince in richmond hill is not that bad i live in a very good divers area. everyone ushally in the nighborhood knows each other and are very chill. the commute to anyewhere can sometimes be very slow but sometimes its fast and almost everywhere you go is safe.
I have been living in Richmond Hill for 13 years old now and, it is one of the places that I can describe the home sweet home feeling. I feel comfortable knowing the people around me and seeing the buildings there hasn't changed one bit. I like seeing how the area is influenced by my culture and other cultures as well, there are many temples, churches, and mosques next to each other. Along with the religious buildings, I like the Indian sweets store selling authentic Indian sweets. I have at least five different shops for Indian sweets that I like going too.
Neighborhood is very diverse with people from all over- Colombia, Guyana, Indian, Bangladesh, Italians, African Americans, and etc.

Small schools that are built to inspire student- P.S. 54, M.S. 217, Hillcrest High School, Richmond Hill High School.
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Richmond Hill is a great neighborhood with kind people. It holds special events like Ferris and stores that been here for years to make you feel like a family. This is a beautifully quiet, peaceful and diverse place. The places like a movie theater, Library and grocery store not Out Of Reach. IT'S very accessible to get to Manhattan with the nearby trains. But it's also nice place to stay if you don't like the chaos of the city.
One thing I wish I could fix is finding a way to help locally owned businesses stay afloat, and more job opportunities for residents in the neighborhood.
Richmond Hill is a very diverse place. It is a family friendly community, with various great schools.
richmond hill is a nice neighborhood however most of the people dont except others outside their culture.