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I love my neighborhood. I always feel safe and welcomed. I feel free to walk around no matter what time of day. My neighbors are very friendly and always looking out for one- another.
I would like to see a decrease in crime rate. This would help our community event involvement. Glad to see people are accepting of all ethnicities and religions and have great support for neighborhood sports teams.
Rhawnhurst is a small neighborhood located in the northeast region of Philadelphia. It is one of the safest communities in the city allowing people to become more friendly and outgoing. People in this neighborhood watch over eachother and make sure that crime stays at at minimum at all times. This allowed my friends and I to play around comfortably and care free on those hot summer days. The only advice I would give is that the newer generation of people moving in should keep the same values and love for the community that we had and still have.
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It use to be a nice quite neighborhood, but like all sections of the city it is rapidly changing. I notice a lot of houses looking run down , people not taking pride in how their neighborhood looks.
There are just some car vandalism and break ins.
10 years ago it was a different atmosphere, neighbors were more open, youth was respectful, the neighborhood was safer.
It's slowly getting worse and worse. People are now selling drugs at corners.
It's not what it used to be at all. Drugs, robberies, etc.
Not much going on with violence or crime. Pretty safe most of the time.
Average. Nothing much to say about this area. It seems pretty safe.
Philadelphia has a bad reputation for crime
North Philadelphia is pretty bad and dangerous
As previously stated, the houses are mostly rented. The majority of them are kept extremely nice while there are a significant amount that are not.
People tend to live in the area for a few years and either move to the suburbs or another surrounding neighborhood. Most people who reside in this area rent homes so people come and go regularly.
The crime rate isn't very high. However, if an incident were to occur, the police are slow to respond. That is the only downfall.
For the most part, I love where I live. I enjoy being close to my family and friends. There are little aspects of my neighborhood that I cherish but others I could do without. I live near a public high school and during school hours it is chaos. Rude and disruptive teenagers roam the streets. It really brings down the neighborhood. However, I do feel safe in the general area I live in.
There has not been any crime that i have heard of in the area.
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The place I am living is very convenient for me. I have all the stores I need, and all the facilities like the gym, tennis courts and training fields nearby.
I have not heard of any crime in the area.
Since I just recently moved here, the experience for every new resident in a new environment is always one to get use to. I have only been here for one month so everything that I say cannot and should not be guaranteed to be true. However, so far I have not had any negative complaints about where I currently reside. The neighborhood is very quiet and peaceful, the neighbors are friendly and kind, overall it is a neighborhood that many would wish for. A single family home in a suburban environment is good enough to reside in. It is nothing too much and nothing too little if that makes any sense. Currently I feel relaxed in this area especially when considering crime rate, I have not heard any issues. The only disadvantage of living here so far is the convenience of traveling to the city as it takes an estimated one hour to get to my college.