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Reseda seems full of families and semi affordable housing options. I enjoy that it is close to college campuses but more affordable than the immediate areas. It could use more entertainment venues and shops.
Reseda is a nice place to live. This has bus transportation and job opportunities. I go to a great college Pierce around the area. I would just recommend not leaving so much trash outside.
I moved to Reseda when I was very young, about 6 years old. I met a lot of my friends here and my neighbors are friendly and welcoming. The city has a lot of diversity here and a public park next to a library. It makes it easier to take the family out to the play if you have little kids. The library also comes in handy when you need to study or to just hang out and read. I love going on late night walks around the city because the lights from the stores light up the streets, giving off this beautiful vibrant glow around the city. The city is safe so I don't have to worry about someone trying to mug me. The only thing I don't like about Reseda is all the new apartments that are being built on top of old family owned businesses. I wouldn't live anywhere else.
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I would love to see lights and restrooms in the smaller parks. The community as a whole is pretty warm and inviting especially Allen's Flower shop.
Police are amazing and very helpful to the community. They are very busy with fighting gang related crime/violence, thus they don’t bother residents with small tickets/problems. More bad: gang violence known in Reseda, very very very noisy, huge parking enforcement issue, lots of house parties, city is not very clean-allys are problematic- lots of rodents and stray-feral animals. A lot of police and helicopter activity. Other we love our neighbors and love our neighborhood watch group.
Reseda is an excellent city to live in because you can find anything you need in this neighborhood such as a mall, supermarkets, restaurants, parks, etc. I feel safe and enjoy the public schools here. A diverse community, you can learn and see many types of culture. Reseda has less traffic and cars than LA.
Reseda is a large neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley that has great real estate but inflated housing prices.
I like that it is a small community in the San Fernando valley rather than in metro L.A. There is much less traffic, plenty of places to eat and shop. Everything is here, with no real need to travel over to metro L.A.
I enjoy living in an area with a lot of green spaces, which is another reason I prefer the valley. There are shopping 3 main shopping malls within a short distance from me. The backdrop of the mountains to the north, west and south make for a very nice view.
One of my favorite drives is coming down Winnetka heading north.
There are a lot of businesses that have been around for a very long time. The people are friendly. The workers at the grocery store I frequent know me and treat me with great customer service.
I would like to see more community involvement activities. There are a few areas that appear to be more depressed than others. It would be nice if those areas were updated some.
Reseda is a really nice area filled with great people. It can be better if there is a bit more cleaning and activities for the youth around the neighborhood.
Pros: A short drive from major freeways/restaurants/malls, diverse neighborhood. Cons: little to no nightlife, 30 min to 1hour from major venues/museums/art centers, heavy neighborhood crime.
Reseda is a good city but it has its issues like any other. I have lived in the area for over 10 years now and I have seen a slow decline of the area over that duration of time. I would like to see new stores and housing provided in the area simply just a revamp of the city. If we offer a better atmosphere we can entice better retail and consumers to the area, thus resulting in a better city.
I like Reseda. You can find anything you need in this neighborhood such as different supermarkets, GYMs, restaurants... . Also, rent prices are reasonable.
Reseda could be a better neighborhood. It has really bad schools and is not the best when it comes to traffic safety; there have currently been two really big accidents that had everyone come out to see what in the world was going on. Like any other place in Los Angeles, Reseda is really crowded and congested. I think it can be a nice place for a very temporary stay, but not necessarily for a permanent or long stay.
Reseda is a fresh and family oriented community. The markets are close to where we live, schools, buses and pharmacies, and hospitals are around the corner. Community is up to a middle class; it also have somewhat senior citizens. I like mainly my community, for its fresh air, clean and active people.
I’ve been living here my who life and I like the environment. I like how I’m surrounded with anything I need or want.
Great area to live. Overall very quiet suburb. It’s not anything what the negative stereotypes suggest. The downtown area on Sherman way has huge potential and should be getting revitalized very soon. Area has a lot of history and potential. The main street down reseda Blvd (shops etc) look like they need updating. House prices are still affordable if u can get in, do it soon as prices are rising. Probably in antisipation to revitalization which is slowly in progress. Only lacks the walking shopping district like most cities have, but those are close by.
Diverse neighborhood. It doesn't get a lot of attention/ new public buildings because most contructions take place in Granada Hills or Northridge. There is minimal crime.
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I have lived in Reseda for over 14 years and overtime I've learned that it has a bad reputation. People think its unsafe of ghetto yet its quite the opposite. Just like every place, there are bad pockets but the overall area of Reseda is quite nice. There are parks to go to and a library located right next to it. There are tons of taco trucks, hot dogs stands, fruit stands to grab a quick bite. There are lots of local businesses that sell affordable things. One downfall is that the schools here are on the lower side and don't get enough funding as they should. I received a great education because of the effort my teachers put into their work and I was in SAS yet I know the regular classes didn't get the best education. Slowly we are receiving more funding because schools such as Cleveland are on the rise to becoming amazing schools as the staff and students are determined to get the best education possible .
I have lived in Reseda and it is a very good place. I have never experienced any emergencies regarding crime. The area is nice, not too loud or quiet a very moderate environment. Reseda has a variety of things to do near by with places to shop, places to eat and things to do. There are many living options from house apartments, townhouses, condos etc. It is a safe area and i have never experienced something that reconsidered my well being in the area. I highly recommend people to move in the area if they are looking for a good place to live.
Reseda is a fairly quiet suburb. I don't like that a lot of large apartment buildings are going up in neighborhoods that are primarily single-family houses. There is a nice little selection of Vietnamese restaurants, which is a nice little gem if you like Asian cuisine.