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The neighborhood isn't as nice but the people are. The roads need plenty of work. It's a neighborhood with not one attraction.
It is okay to people have been killed and I have been stalked
The maintenance could be better in the apartments I live in
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There has been several robberies around my neighboorhood.
I really like my neighborhood.
The crime in this area is not bad and not good.l I hear of bad things happening but they have never personally affected me.
I absolutely love this area. I had the friendliest neighbors who genuinely cared about my well being. The sense of community is obvious.
I have never been personally on the end of needing to worry about crime in my neighborhood, but there are people who I am close to that have had to deal with crime in their neighborhoods. Just like all cities, there are neighborhoods where there is no crime and then there will be the ares that do have a prevalence of crime.
There are probably better place to live then Texas, but we make it work here. The places around East Dallas are unique and there probably isn't a different place in Texas where I would want to live.