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I enjoy Rego Park's proximity to old Forest Hills, which features architecture dating back to the 1920s. The racial, ethnic and religious diversity of the area provides a great cultural and culinary experience!
Rego Park has been great for my family. Neighbors have been very kind & generally communicate with each other when passing by. Restaurants are close by & there is shopping around as well. There is a good balance of being away from the NY craziness but still close enough. I feel that everyone living here is super healthy because you're not covered in smog and you have to walk around a bit to get places. You can take a bus or a subway and there is always plenty of parking if you choose to drive. Feel safe to walk around at night & no issues commuting back late at night. My family & I are happy living here. Excited to take the kids out when older to go play around the neighborhood!
Malls are pretty close, commute is very easy as mass transportation is easily accessible. Its very civilized and everything is available here hospitals, schools, parks, gyms, shopping centre, restaurants and bars. The only problem is parking as to find a parking spot is like fighting a war. you will have to park either on the Main Street or couple of blocks down (if you are lucky to find the parking).
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I was born an raised in Rego Park my entire life. From the time of my birth seventeen years ago until now, my neighborhood has undergone an abundance of changes. Stores have come and gone, a huge mall was built, my former middle school is closing in a matter of weeks, but I still adore it. There's movies nights in the summer where everybody gathers to wacth 'Moana' for the umpteenth time. There is the P.S. 206 park where kids of all ages play volleyball, basketball, ride bikes and play on the playgrounds. The community is completely and utterly all encompassing. In the big hustle and bustle of New York City, Rego Park is a tight-knit area where everyone knows everyone and where you feel right at home no matter where you come from.
What I like about RegoPark is that everything is nearby. You don't really need a car in this area for anything. There are several supermarkets/shopping centers within a 10-15 minute walk as well as several religious temples/churches. There is also an elementary school in the area, a middle school, and a high school. So kids like myself who grew up in the neighborhood don't have to go through the hassle of public transportation or traffic to get to school because its all located within a walking distance in the RegoPark area. There is also a hospital in the neighborhood and several types of medical offices/services available. One thing I would change is possibly more street lights/lamp posts. The area is overall pretty safe at night and personally I've never been afraid of walking around the neighborhood at night but a little bit more light in some places would be nice.
Very safe neighborhood. Mostly families. Close to shopping centers such as Rego Plaza. Easy commute to Manhattan. Wish there were more people in their twenties and thirties.
Overall is a really safe neighborhood and I've lived here all my life. I feel safe walking around the neighborhood at night, and all my neighbors are pretty friendly. We also have easy access to everything, so you don't have to travel too far to go places like a mall, a church, movie theater, starbucks, etc. Also really good schools in the area as well. There is an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school all in the area so children also don't have to travel too far for a quality education. It is mostly a Jewish community but there are also Catholic churches in the area bringing in a large portion of hispanics into the area as well.
Very nice area, people are friendly and there a re good amount of restaurants and convenience stores. Very safe, good school and Rego Center Mall is nearby. Close to subway but no express stops.
I was born in Rego Park and lived there, as well as attended it's public schools from pre-school on through high school, until I moved away to Ithaca to go to college and then returned there after 2 years. My family moved to Elmhurst due to the higher rents we were experiencing in the past four years and the real estate market moving quite briskly Rego Park has always be a safe area and a short commute to NYC. There's no better shopping anywhere due to the expansion of Queens Mall and other nearby malls. Rego Park is rich in diversity offering a rich cultural mix in choices of restaurants and cultural events like street fairs and festivals. The job opportunities are working in the mall or in the various commercial businesses or area restaurant and stores.
Very nice community and I feel very safe in it. The school near rego park is a good school and there are a lot of activities in rego park
It was a great experience. I loved the people! The diversity was excellent. It is a clean neighborhood. It was the best decision for me!!
Rego Park is such a diverse community! If you live there everyone at least recognizes each other's face. Over the past few years the area has changed a lot with the expansion of the Queens Center Mall, addition of rego center and new complexes have opened up. Because of all the new accommodations the prices of the area had increased significantly, but that doesn't take away from the people. I wish it were a tad bit less expensive, but I understand that inflation is very much real. Oh well.
It has great schools. Nice neighborhood. The restaurants are really good. It could be cleaner. The residents and some of the businesses don't take care of the neighborhood. Rent is very expensive and so are the prices of houses but it's very family oriented.
Is very convenient to live in Rego Park because it has shopping places within arms reach, such as Costco, Century 21 Department Store, and Pharmacies, and even a Toys R US. There are also many Restaurants that serve different cuisines. The Transportation is good too. There are buses, including the Q72 that takes you to LaGuardia Airport, and theres the MTA Subway Station. When you live in Rego Park you at a 15 min walking distance to one of the largest Shopping Malls in Queens: Queens Center Mall.
Lastly, in relation to public schools, I am familiar with my nephew public school, my nephew is on first grade. I feel that the lady guard should try to be more polite and should stop being rude to parents that cannot afford given her presents or coffee each morning. Very unproffesional.
Also it seems that when children are bullied the teachers dont do anything nd worst of all fail to tell the parents.
The neighborhood is fine, easy access to hospital, NYPD, NYFD. Malls very close by so no need to travel far. The neighborhood is still more Russian influence you can just walk around and listen to Russian language everywhere in the streets, stores, beauty salons etc. It is not a bad thing but it does hold new comers back from learning English because they can freely communicate here in their first language. On the negative note I wish the subway station would be cleaner it's a nightmare to go downstairs and see a smelly homeless person sleeping in there for 10-15 until you train arrives.
What I like most about Rego Park is that you can walk to many local stores and restaurants. The schools are great and people are friendly.
Love the area. Here a great opportunities for living, entertainment, schools, elementary, middle school and elementary, is a very safe area. There are many medical facilities, offices, everywhere, great stores, diners, farmacies and many more . People are very friendly and approachable always happy to help.
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Love my neighborhood I would not change it as of now. Very calm and quite. I feel safe regaudress what time of day it is. The houses are soacious. The rent is a little high but I assume it is because the neighborhood is so nice.
All convenient stores are close (right aid, cvs) , multiple pharmacies, 2 subway stations, multiple public schools around and so many parks and 2 malls! Everything you need to start a family
This is a nice quiet neighborhood. Close to public transportation makes getting around easy. For those that love to shop Rego Park is with in walking distance of two major shopping centers. There is always some were to eat in the area and always a place to sit down and relax. Whether it be a bar,cafe, or restaurant.