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In the winter months, there are always plows getting snow and ice off of the roads and in the summer months, there is always construction to try to fix the potholes.
When I was younger, there was tons of crime in my neighborhood, but now, I feel safe walking my dog around by myself at any time.
Of course there are a few outliers, but all in all, Minneapolis is a very health conscious city and people try to also help the environment by biking/walking places.
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I love living in the city, but my grandparents also own a farm about 2 hours away from Minneapolis. In Minnesota, there are so many different types of land, its hard to not find what you're looking for.
There are all types of places in the Twin Cities. If you want a large chain store, we have it, if you want a mom-and-pop shop, we have it.
Walking and biking are very popular transportation choices in this area, so the streets are usually pretty safe. Of course there are some people who don't follow the law, but the majority of people do. In the summer months, there is always a lot of potholes and construction.
Of course there will be some crime in a city the size of Minneapolis, but considering that, I feel very safe at home alone. One problem is how icy the streets and sidewalks will get in the winter time.
One of the main reasons I love living in Minneapolis is because every individual is so different and everyone is so accepting.
Uptown Minneapolis has hundreds of restaurants that range from traditional, ethnic, vegetarian, local, or you name it. If you want it, you can usually always find somewhere to eat in Uptown, Downtown, or in a neighboring suburb.
My neighborhood is very close to downtown Minneapolis, which has tons of things to do! There is also Uptown and the Mall of America, which are two of my favorite attractions.
I live on the frontage road to 35W, which you would think could be very loud and hectic. But, I absolutely love it. Sometimes the houses in our neighborhood will be put up for sale, but most people/families will live here for quite a few years.
I was a very good student and dancer all through high school, but when it came time to look for a job, no one wanted to hire me because I had no job experience. This frustrated me, but many of my friends have had no problem getting jobs that paid minimum wage.
There is nothing I can complain about. I feel very safe in my community and I feel as though if I needed to contact a local representative for any reason, I would hear back from them.