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Regent Square is one of my favorite neighborhoods. It is set away from the city living and feels more like a suburb in close proximity to the city living style. The neighborhood still has a great selection of restaurants and coffee shops and is situated next to Frick Park. Pet owners are highly welcomed in this neighborhood. Also, the neighborhood has just amazing trees that makes it feel very nature-focused. It is also located near bus transportation and convenient to commuting to Downtown. Two major drawbacks are the public schools (K-12) and the high property taxes for an owner (about $5k per year per $100k in house value. Yes, expensive!) Safety is pretty decent, but I would make sure to lock your car doors every night. Even to this day (2018), items are stolen from vehicles in street-parking when doors are unlocked. I do not believe there are break-ins in any vehicles or homes.
Very diverse and friendly. I never thought I would live in an area where neighbors actually let you pet their dogs, “Black Lives Matter” and LGBT flags dragged various lawns and windows. It’s jjst refreshing to know that I’m spit of everything in this world, in this nation, we can still call each other neighbors.
I've lived here my whole life and I absolutely love it. All my neighbors are so nice and helpful and we all look after each other and each other's houses. Braddock is a lovely place to go get dinner with your family, brunch with your friends, get your hair cut, do some yoga, see a movie, or grab a few groceries at the corner store. Having the park right by my house is so nice to go for runs, walk my dog, or go for hikes or bike rides.
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I do not notice crimes often
The area is my home, and I would never change it
It's not perfect, i.e. it is an urban environment, but things are pretty safe overall.
Very gray in the Winter - can get depressing. At least there are no natural disasters to consider.
Definitely growing, but compared to other markets like NYC or Silicon Valley, there is much less job turnover and the hiring process can often be overly patient, i.e. waiting to hire the perfect candidate, rather than the best available candidate.
Great breakfast option at Square Cafe - always busy on weekends. Good bar/bar-food options - especially at D's Six Pack and Dogs. High end food available as well at other establishments if interested.
For a limited number of businesses, most bases are surprisingly well covered within a small area.
As there are more artsy and young people moving to Pittsburgh because it's cheap to live here the store choice becomes more interesting. It can still grow! Neighborhoods like Lawrenceville already provide a wide variety of local businesses with interesting products. There is a local fashion scene and there are a lot of very cool second hand clothing stores.

A lot of the big corporate stores are in malls outside of the city or in new developments like the south side works which cater to people who are driving.
Pittsburgh still needs to outgrow its small city mentality - if you're not from Pittsburgh it's harder to find a job. There are some good opportunities here for people who get master's degrees here and therefore have some time to build up a network. Pittsburgh feels like it could become a really good job market, it is not quite there yet! On its way.