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I feel totally safe in my area
Could have better & more beautiful parks
Great neighborhoods with different styles of houses
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Hot summers & cold winters
Great jobs in the area
Good business's in the area
The public services in my area are the best they possibly can be. The proximity of police/fire station is close by, within a 10 minutes, and their reaction time is is remarkable.The public services such as pools, parks, etc. are routinely being remodeled and checked for quality. The local laws in the area are respectable and I can't complain much. The local and state representatives keep everything in check. My only complaint is about the governor of Kansas who cut funding for education by 45 million dollars, directly harming me and others. Other then that, the public services in this area are very good.
The quality of housing couldn't be better. Residents respect and take care of their homes and make sure they're that way for the next owner. Vacant or abandoned properties will not be found in this area. Housing projects are finished in a timely and respectful manner. Housing is on the rise but the median price is around $139,000. The price is definitely cheaper compared to other cities and the surrounding area makes it more then worth it. There's no such thing as a best/worst area to reside in because they're all in good shape and worth their price.
Crime in the Overland Park is rare when it occurs. I feel safe anytime of the day no matter the area of Overland Park. I can venture off for a late night walk and feel like I'm safe. If anything would happen the police are very responsive and there would be an officer there at the scene in just minutes. Not only are the police responsive but so are the people living around me. They may not meet every week like neighborhood watch teams but they look out for each other and suspicious activity, reporting on it right away if necessary. Overall, the crime is extremely low and safety couldn't be better, accounting for a perfect place to reside.
Kansas weather is changes day to day. Just last week it was in the seventies and now it's in the forties. When seasons are transitioning this seems to happen but other then the slight possibility of a tornado during the spring and summer the weather in the area is perfect. Their are four seasons. Spring and fall are beautiful, winter can get cold with possible snow storms, and summer can go from humid to dry fast. The weather in the area doesn't impact life in a negative way but promotes a healthier way of living. Clothing in the area varies on the season but I recommend carrying a sweatshirt with you at all times because of the wind. The weather can be unpredictable at times but overall it's beautiful and easy to manage.
Food and drink in the general area offer a variety of options but not anything exotic. Their are the classic burger joints, bars that have late night and offer quality bar food, Mexican and Italian restaurants and smoothie/juices stops. These options are usually found in a lot of places but the area doesn't offer anything like foreign restaurants owned by people from that country or vegan alternatives. The food and drink in the area doesn't disappoint to the average family but for the go getters of food and drink I'd look elsewhere.
Their are many opportunities for employment in the area. Their are constantly 'help wanted' signs popping up outside businesses and when a new season rolls around their is a new wave of employment needed in the area. The perfect job may not be out their but their is still opportunities to land a well paying, fun, and good experience job.
There are popular big business's for groceries, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. in the area such as Hyvee, Walgreens, CVS, Johnny's Tavern, Jimmy Johns, and Hallmark. At the same time there are little pop-up stores that are new and unique such as a cupcake pop store, a golf store, a hair salon and school, and an interesting and innovative pizza shop. In one square of a shopping area just down the street lies everything I could possibly need. I can go next door and get everything I need on my list of errands, saving time in the process. Because of the vast options of reliable quick big companies and new options their is an endless amount of possibilities and experiences to choose from, making shopping in the local businesses fun.