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The restaurants in Richmond are amazing. Some of the restaurants here you will not find anywhere else. Another great thing is that they all buy their food locally.
Richmond seems to be in weather protective bubble from snow. When the news debates and expects for a terrible snow storm, the storm will usually pass over. Richmond is great at snow removal, within two days of snow fall the snow will be cleared on all major roads.
The people in Richmond are very friendly. I dont believe there was a time i ever stepped onto my porch and wasnt greeted by a neighbor.
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There is not too much crime in Richmond, but when there is the news and police are all over it, trying their best to keep al the citizens safe.
within in most of the parks here in Richmond Virginia, there are a ton of different bike paths for you to enjoy. There are also plenty of bike lanes on roadways, even the roads that access the important parts of Richmond VA.
I recycle almost everything. At one point i did not notice anyone else who recycled in my neighbor hood until i started to recycle.
Parks are one of the greatest parts of Richmond.
Well for one thing, there are a lot of cats in Richmond. However, with that, there few to none small creatures like rats and so forth.
The overall health in this is great.
Richmond is a great area to live. On occasion there a few annoyances but the overall living experience in Richmond Virginia will have you loving the city more and more.
Some houses are unsightly, but you may come across a few spectacular houses.
Its fine, this area is very appealing but yet not somewhere you'd choose to be.
Its great really. Sometimes there is a bad cashier but mostly its great.
I can't really say too much about it because I'm 18 and can't say I have pay attention before now.
we have a number of different festivals like the Watermelon festival that culminate in areas that best represent our area.
It depends on where you are in the city, but Richmond is really diverse, I think this was brought about by our businesses and schools like VCU and U of R
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The police respond rather quickly.
I think this city does the best it can to maintain our local parks, because they are older but very well kept and full of plants.
I think we have some of the worst streets in my city! Especially Hull Street and Crutchfield.