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Not a lot happens that is necessary for the police to respond but you do hear a few sirens every now and then.
The neighborhood is calm and the neighbor are friendly. There isn't a lot of crime and its not really a congested area.
Everyone looks after each other at all times and the crime rate is very low.
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its the worse it is the ghetto area no one wants to come to this area for events
parking is terrible especially on weekends and holidays
The area outside is kept neat and clean and they do have a park that is always neat.
Everyone here has a sense of minding their own business no one really socializes with anyone else other than their family.
When there are tornados near this area I am a little leery because there are no safety measures in place. I think there should be.
There is crime in this area but its not to the point where I am afraid to walk out my front door. I am always aware of my surroundings though. There is always a police presence in this area.
There are very few places in the area and the places that are here the food is terrible. I always have to drive twenty minutes or more to get a decent meal so most of the time I cook myself.
there are not many popular stores in this area you have to travel to get to what you need most of the time.
many people in this area are looking for work and when they find work they have to travel long distances to get there.