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High crime, drugs and NYCHA projects. If you're crazy enough to pay over $1-2M for the "gentrified" real estate, you live to regret your on investment. Ugly and bad area separated by expensive over priced real estate and typical project housing with low income residents and crime. Good luck
I've been living in Red Hook since I was 7 years old. Nothing in this community changes and sadly college is the only way out the hood for me . I feel like I might end up dead if I stay here. The people are friendly everywhere, the local stores and markets. It's all like family. There are only 2 public schools, 2 charter schools and one private school in Red Hook. One of the charter school are located in one of the public school's building. They have been locaed there for 9 years now because they can't afford a building of their own. Its a elementary school on the first floor, a middle school on the second floor and a high school on the third. I wish want the best for my community and the future generations behind me. I want to give back to the people and motivate them.
People are kind and friendly in this quaint little town. There is nice diversity, good food and the movie theater has a great selection at an affordable price.
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I love living in this neighborhood. It's an industrial area that has thriving local businesses, non-for-profit organizations, and a family friendly environment.
Red Hook Brooklyn (Near IKEA) continues to be described as "up and coming" neighborhood, however, that is subject to interpretation. There is such a large divide in population. If you are fortunate to live in private apartments/ homes, you more than likely pay an outrageous amount of rent. There are some activities and night life but nothing to go crazy over. If you live just a few blocked over in the Projects than you know the neighborhood is typically really dirty with piles of garbage everywhere and not all that safe.
For me the crime and safety here is not a big deal because I have lived here my whole life and I am used to it. But I have spoken with people who are not from the projects and they have told me that my area is really scary because of what they hear on the news and from people.
I feel like even though there are a lot of resources and areas where one can spend time in my neighborhood. Not a lot goes on in my neighborhood unless you are here at certain time. As someone who has grown up here if I could do it again I would prefer to live somewhere else.
The crime and safety is getting very bad in this area. The gun control in this area and around this area is very poor. Innocent kids and adults are getting wounded by gun shots almost every week.
I mean it is okay because this is where I grew up and also this is where my family lived for almost their whole lives. If I had a choice, I would not live here because of the crime rates are at an all time high. Its not safe for me or my family.
Public housing is what is most offered in this area. Housing is affordable, though it rapidly increases each year with not much justification. If work needs to be done on your apartment, the wait is ridiculous especially for the amount of money you pay for rent. Would be great to see public housing in this area not be a joke.
In this area, we only have access to one gym. The membership is at a good rate, but unfortunately a lot of their equipment is old and outdated. The hospitals in the area are few and lots of improvement could be made in terms of access to affordable healthcare.
Sense of community has increased since the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Before it people were separated, and ever since people are more together and inclined to help.
The weather in this area is shaky. There are a lot of initiatives being taken to prepare for future natural disasters in the neighborhood. This is quite helpful in knowing that people care about what is taking place in the neighborhood, and are taking preventative steps to avoid potential problems.
It has steadily improved over the years, but we need better options in the neighborhood.
Not a good area for employment since there are very limited offerings. It would be great to see more organizations and workforce programs in the area.
Red Hook is not the place to go and buy material items. It is slowly improving with the addition of IKEA and fairway, and not surprising if it continues expanding.
Pathmark and Ctown are popular grocery stores
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The Only job opportunity in my area is McDonald's