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Red Bridge has been improving gradually over the past 5 or 6 years. We've had a total remodel of the Red Bridge center, yet there are multiple unused spaces. Once more businesses are added, the area will be much more lively. There are a lot of great people, mainly families in the area.
I don't have any complaints
I feel safe and comfortable in my area, but it could be better
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Where I live it isn't too bad, but if I go down the street a couple blocks east it gets unsafe.
Not the best, but still decent.
The 7-11 gets robbed a lot along with the Dollar General.
The only time I've noticed an issue is on trash day. People tend to come to the neighborhood looking for unwanted things. Once, I left my car unlocked and someone went through my car. Fortunately I keep nothing of value in my car but it was a bit shocking.
This is a great part of the city for a family or someone who is retired. It's a great location for access to I-435 and there are a good number of restaurants and grocery stores near by. I rated it as okay because I would rather live in Midtown.
Houses are decent and usually completed.
People choose to stay in Kansas City for a reason.
The area is clean and getting better each day.
There is nothing like coming home to Kansas City!
This area is really quite safe. As far as I know, I haven't heard of much crime in the area at all. I could count on one hand the number of times I have heard sirens.
Wonderful place to raise a family. It is not far to all kinds of attractions and destinations. My neighborhood specifically is great as my home backs up to a park where you can walk around the lake and take a stroll through the neighborhood and feel safe the whole time.
The houses all have the same basic layout because they were all built around the same time, but they are spacious and strong houses
My family is friends with a couple other families but that is about as involved as it gets
We have had a couple break in but no more than any other neighborhood.
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Its an old neighborhood but some younger people are moving in.
The house are rather small but other than that I do not have an complaint. The houses are new modern houses all the appliances are up to date and work perfectly fine. The cost of renting in this area is reasonably priced for a great location. All the homes in this area are being rented or people are buying them through mortgage.
The people in this area are friendly middle class working people. They will say hello and go on about their own business. Most the neighbors keep to themselves and allow the other neighbors to live as they please.