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Joe Brown Park and the Nature Center are great peaceful recreational areas. The hospital is state of the art with great lunch. I have lived here for almost 30 years and have not been a victim of crime. My neighborhood has more homeowners than renters and mostly quiet. There are still homes which a buyer can acquire at good deals. The next council member needs to look at revamping Chef Menteur Hwy, Haynes Blvd. and Downman Rd. as major corridors in the East. It has far less traffic than many areas closer to the city. Lake Forest and Lake Castle are two of the best schools in the city. The Plaza has been blighted along with Jazz Land which continues to remain in limbo thanks to our council representative or lack of. Larger fruitful projects are approved for other communities outside of this area regardless of our large tax base. Efforts need to focus on overgrown lots, commercial blight, walkable neighborhoods, cleanliness, and improved community resources.
Crime is very popular in this area. It is an everyday thing, that is constantly heard on the news. Since it occurs often, police and citizens are not shocked by the crime, so police tend to react and respond slowly. Crime is a major thing in our area, and it needs to get better.
I do not know if I'd choose to live somewhere else if I could. Compared to the rest of the country, it's a pretty dangerous area, crime wise. In the future, I don't see my area getting much better than it already is.
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This area is a lot better than the area I used to live, but the only aspect of it that I do not like is the amount of insects. There are a lot of bugs that know there way into many different cracks and crevices and that is about the only thing that I do not like about it. Other than that, the neighbors are really nice and friendly and it is a better area than most.
New Orleans can experience winter, spring, fall, and summer all in one week. It's just confusing because you can have shorts and a shirt on today and have two jackets on the next day.
There is always more than enough warning then the decision is yours to leave or stay ALL streets need repair
Everyone wants to visit Nawlins
Don't really know how effected by neighbors are
Taxes are too high for the services that we don't have
There are some whole neighborhood activities to promote getting to know your neighbors, but there could be more
More lighting need on interstate as leads to area
Hopeful with the new hospital and businesses opening others will follow
All the street are in need of repair
Hospital in area is scheduled to reopen with in the year
Slowly businesses are coming to the area
Most of neighborhood recovered but club house and activity area not restored since Katrina
There are no out door dedicated green spaces near me