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Love this neighborhood. Great and easy to walk to interesting places. Went to the local high school and had a great experience. Feels very safe and a nice community overall.
What a neat lil neighborhood to live it. I am enjoying my the time in my life I have spent here and plan to live here for many more years to come.
This is a great neighborhood to grow up in. There are many good schools in the area and a lot of families. The community is very friendly and welcoming. Many neighbors have block parties multiple times a year to connect and catch up with one another. Everyone knows who lives on the block and their dogs names. I am very fortunate to have been raised in a great location.
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Ravenna is a short drive from downtown and Capitol Hill but feels much more secluded and like a real neighborhood. Folks say hi to each other and kids play outside, people keep beautiful gardens and the homes are gorgeous. It is much quieter and more family oriented. There is a lack of diversity, both in terms of ethnicity and economically. We rent, but most people around us own their homes.
This was a lovely neighborhood with a close-knit community, there are many parks and recreational facilities within walking distance of the area.
I like living where there is good public transportation access all over the city. It is easier to explore different neighborhoods, and have a more lively lifestyle. So I think that access to public transportation, and access to local parks are the most important aspects of where I live.
Seattle is one of the nicest places to live if you like the outdoors. we have tons of green spaces within our city and there are many parks. Also, it is easy to do outdoor recreational activities and Is strongly encouraged.
we have decent public services. transportation is the one that affects me the most and it isn't the best system in Seattle compared to other major cities. The bus system can be very spotty and take too long. yet, we are trying to build a subway system but that will be a long time before it is implemented.
in the area I live it is very safe. there is very little crime except the occasion burglary. in other neighborhoods of seattle crime is much more prominent as in any large city.
in Seattle it rains from November to May and we don't get a lot of sun. In the summer the weather is great.
there are a lot of job opportunities in Seattle. recently amazon came to Seattle so we have a huge amount of tech jobs and that leads to growth in the area overall.
there are many awesome restaurants in Seattle. near my house their is the university district where there is a plethora of inexpensive delicious restaurants.
in Seattle there are many great local businesses. there is a variety of stores and a great selection of book stores. Besides local stores we have many malls and we have the downtown shopping core which makes it easy to find anything you could need.