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I've lived in Rancho Penasqitos for about 5 years. The school system around here is very good and I would recommend it to families looking for good schools.
Nice, quiet,family friendly neighborhood ,affordable living,not too far from the Down Town San Diego, good schools ,not too far from the ocean
This neighborhood is safe and clean. One thing I enjoy is that it is in a good location; the schools are excellent and there are preserves and the beach close by. There are shops and restaurants just down the street. However, one thing I dislike is the fact that it is growing louder and much busier. I understand that in California, especially in San Diego, this is inevitable. That is one of the things that makes me not want to settle down here myself, later on.
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Rancho Penasquitos is the Beautiful neighborhood with a good infrastructure. It's a clean and nice place.
Very accessible to outdoor activities (hiking, camping, climbing, beach sports, water sports) and a top-rated public school system.
Just moved to the area in Oct of 2017 and I love it. Its calm and close to everything. I love the fact that it is about 20 min north from Downtown so we don't get as congested as it does further south.
Nice tucked away suburb in San Diego, easy drive to fun places like PB or downtown. Shopping centers in nearby Carmel Mountain have everything you need. Not too many restaurants in the neighborhood, but they are a short drive away.
The school district and neighbor hood makes it a great place to raise a family. Although housing can be costly, there are still a few areas that can accommodate low to moderate income. People there remain active, I always see someone running, biking or walking their dog. Generally its a safe and welcome place to live if you like a quiet neighborhood.
Rancho Penasquitos is a neighborhood like no other. You are only minutes away from local parks, schools, and stores. There are many things to do there, like participating in community events like fun runs and the annual July 4th fireworks show. You can also climb Black Mountain as a source of exercise. It has a maximum elevation of 1,500 feet.
I lived in Rancho Penasquitos while I was in high school! I loved the community! There are a lot of good places to go running and hiking. It is very close to the surrounding communities like Santa Luz and Rancho Bernardo!
Safe and fun place for a family to live. Easy access to any area in San Diego County, such as good food spots, downtown San Diego, and the beach.
What I love about Rancho Penasquitos is calm and peaceful atmosphere that I am surrounded by. There are plenty of great food restaurants nearby, people exercising and most importantly the school district is one of the best in California.
Ranch Penasquitos is a extremely safe neighborhood friendly and accepting of everyone. There are plenty of parks and community activities that make it a great place to live. Such a great place to live!
Have lived here for 10 years and there has never been any real crimes aside from highschoolers spray painting.
It is a great place to live, because no one goes through the neighborhood unless you live there.
The security of this place has basically on everyone and everything on lockdown. The people that live around here are more likely middle class and above but, with the fact that we live so far from everyoneelse, it makes it hard for crime to ever occur. The only crime that the police get are people who speed up and down the one way street. They sometimes stay visible but, sometimes they're not. Then at night a security guard walks around the complex, checking for parking permits, and watching out for harm and violators. The crime is below low and the safety is more than enough for a neighborhood like this.
These apartment complexes are at the end of a long road that's connected to the main boulevard. We are dug into more of a hillside which creates this valley like landscape. The place is surrounded by a lot of nature like different trees, bushes, flowers, and small critters like birds. For apartment complexes, this place is fairly nice and it sure is a quiet neighborhood. Throughout the years, security has been getting stricter but, I believe it's getting too strict. Sure, the crime rates have been lower than ever (from 1% - 0%) in the past year or so but, it really restricts how we can just enjoy our own freedom and that humble feeling of home.
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In this area, there is rarely any crime that occurs. Everyone and neighbors look out for one another and there houses. If there is suspicious activity that does happen, the police are very responsive. Police officers do come to the neighborhood once in a while just to check on anyone who is speeding through the neighborhoods.
The neighborhood is very family oriented. It is centrally located and the neighborhood is quiet. The home value is going up more and more. Everyone keeps there houses up to shape. The schools and the district in this area are one of the best districts in the country. Many kids come out very successful and move on to great things in their lives. This neighborhood is only about 15 minutes from the beach and about 20 minutes from Downtown. There is a lot of outdoor activities to do as well such as hiking, biking, running, etc, since it is surrounded by a canyon and a friendly neighborhood park right across the school. There is rarely any crime activity that occurs in this area since majority of the neighbors look out for one another. Many of the homeowners here own pets so there is a lot of dogs you see walking around. It is a safe place to live and is perfect for families, friends, and people who are single as well.
This is a very nice and friendly neighborhood!