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It's a suburban area, so commutes to work are sometimes long, but it's conveniently located next to a few plazas for groceries, restaurants, etc. Safety and public schools are good, though there are occasional causes for alarm. I've liked it here.
Rancho Bernardo is a well-knitted community. The people here are kind and considerate of others and the school is one of the best.
I have lived in Rancho Bernardo growing up but then had to move although I got to move back again. That goes to show Rancho Bernardo is a good environment that you will always want to be coming back to.
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Rancho Bernardo is a great neighborhood. The location is convenient, safe, and there are plenty of restaurants and stores that are easily accessible.
The community is really nice, the neighbors are not that bad, there's a park, I just wish that there was a pool nearby.
Rancho Bernardo is a very beautiful area to live in. It has an amazing family life, great weather, very diverse, and most of all extremely safe environment.
Rancho Bernardo is an amazing community! Some of the main highlights include the Carmel Mountain shopping center (it has a Costco, so...), both small-town and big-chain restaurants, and incredibly kind people. The golf courses are beautiful if you get a chance to play on them, and I love walking my dog everyday in the most friendliest neighborhood ever. I am a student at Rancho Bernardo High School and I am definitely enjoying my stay here.
I have grown up in this community, and love the people and places. It is a diverse area, with many young families and senior communities within the neighborhoods. The schools are very good. Being just a short trip away from Torrey Pines Beach is a plus, as well.
best community in the county. Very green, beautiful golf course. it is the center of the San Diego county. Right next to the mall, has great schools, and near the mountains and parks to go hiking.
Rancho Bernardo is a very pleasant suburban neighborhood known for its excellent public schools. It has provided a good living experience, and it is overall liked. There is a nice balance of community and anonymity.
A beautiful place to live. Mountains and palm trees are everywhere. There are a lot of things to do, and one can see people taking walks all the time; very pet friendly. People go hiking, biking, etc. Rancho Bernardo is very clean, and the people are friendly. Schools are great being part of Poway Unified School District (highly ranked). This place is close to a lot of places including just being about twenty minutes to a beach. It is about thirty minutes fro San Diego State University and about fifteen minutes to Miramar Community College.

Rancho Bernardo has a lot of diverse restaurants - Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Indian, Middle-Eastern, and many more.
Rancho Bernardo is such a beautiful and safe neighborhood, filled with kind and educated people. The area is not especially diverse in ethnicities, being a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood, but people of all cultures do tend to come in and out of RB.
I love Rancho Bernardo! It is a cozy neighborhood with wonderful people who care about one another. It is a place that offers so much for both people who love to spend time both indoors and outdoors. There are so many wonderful hikes as well as different community organizations that you can join. There are libraries and parks for the whole family which make it such a nice place!
I love my community. This open San Diego county community is truly connected. I have lived here for 10+ years and have always felt the unity between my neighbors and community. We watch out for each other. If someone needs help, we help them because everyone here is caring and kind. Day and night, the neighborhood is safe. I'm 15 years old and I'm not afraid to run to our local gym at night. This community is amazing and I am very glad that I live here.
I have lived in Rancho Bernardo for 10 years and it is a really close and quiet neighborhood. I love it and the school system is also really good so it would be good for kids.
Great neighborhoods, good cross section of humanity - safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, and beautiful parks and hiking trails. Nice restaurants are popping up and I hear the golfing is decent. Climate could not be better, sunshine all year round. Did I mention the schools are terrific?
We love that it is quiet and friendly but not intrusive. Everyone takes excellent care of their property. We have wonderful small town centers yet can reach
a shopping mall in minutes. It is easy to access the freeways which easily
takes us to the airport or the beaches. The Bernardo Winery has been here
since the 1800's. It has an excellent restaurant and The Rancho Bernardo Historical Museum and they sponsor musical performances as well as local
artists, and craft markets as well as a farmer's market.
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Rancho Bernardo is a beautiful area with great food places near by, my wife and I was lucky enough to live in a area where those food places were in walking distance. There is a sense of community where the city will host special events and holiday specials, area is getting to become expensive but that is every city in San Diego. Neighborhoods are generally safe and do not hear about many crimes in Rancho Bernardo.
Family friendly, safe neighborhoods. Plenty of recreation clubs to join and small shopping centers. Close to the freeway and one of the best school districts in San Diego county.
I like Rancho Bernardo because everything here is so beautiful and it feels like its in the middle of a commercial center and is easy to commute around and get places. I do wish it was more diverse racially however.