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We moved here in August 2017 and couldn't be happier with our choice. Everything we need is within 3 blocks if we don't feel like venturing out and our kids have quality school and daycare nearby. We are in a central location so we can get to downtown or Tyler Mall in about ten minutes, or the Plaza in about 5. Traffic is not bad at all and neighbors are mostly friendly. We do keep things locked up at all times and don't go walking alone at night, but that's common sense in any city of 300k residents. We love Riverside, go Ramona Rams!
We live minutes away from police stations
I live on campus in riverside, and im not too familiar with the area, but the areas i do know have been great!
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Overall, crime has been fine. There have been a few scares but it seems to be taken care of quickly and safely. However the CA 91 freeway is the absolute worst with safety and time. The 91 has been under construction for years and it still causes headaches.
So far, Riverside has been great! People are genuinely friendly. There is a great mall. There a lot of food options and the weather is perfect!
This area is very calm, I feel very safe living here
This area is getting better because there has been new stores, including some fast food restaurants. I would choose to live here again.
I think the area I live in is nice, my neighbors are friendly and I think there a sense of community.
It closed off and is very quiet besides some parties
It's pretty average. Some areas are nicer than others.
The outdoors is clean, no obvious damage but there is litter (not everywhere though, but like the freeway area). It is very nice to go running, walking in this area.
Many of the people exercise, the high schools especially are doing a great job with their athletic teams that it is not uncommon for teenagers to be seen out running. The older people do not do vigorous workouts, but they do walk around.
The weather is okay. Like all California, it is very strange. It is hot even though Spring usually is not and back in winter we hardly had any rain.
I am not out at night so I am not the best for feedback on night life, however based on my friends and family, they state Riverside is dull of places to go dancing and clubbing. Also, restaurants include McDonalds, Panda Express, and all those common fast foods as well as privately owned restaurants that derive their food from culture such as chinese, mexican, etc.
My friends are all in high school or fresh out of it and I have not been able to get a job, but my friends are all working to earn money for college and personal expenses. They work mainly in restaurants and state they are not happy, but they do get paid.
The local business area is great. Yeah some stores has its' drawbacks such as the quality of food by not be THE BEST but my neighborhood is a very nice place to live. Popular stores include Tyler Mall, Walmart and Target; they are my favorite places because in between each of them I can get anything I want such as snacks, books, music, etc. There are a wide variety of big named stores such as Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, The 99 cent Store, McDonalds, etc, but there are also wide varieties of stores and restaurants that have nothing to do with chains. No complaints here.
I don't live in an extremely wealthy neighborhood but it is relaxed. Everyone knows everyone, and it is very relaxed.
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I live about 15 minutes (driving) from the nearest park. It is great, people are always friendly, and I never feel unsafe.
I have never felt unsafe in the area that I life in.
I have lived in the same house for all of my life. The weather doesn't really affect me unless there is a thunder storm or an earthquake.