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My parents moved to this neighborhood since before I was born, and there has never been a problem regarding crime and safety. I have seen police occasionally drive around the neighborhood, but because of the people who live in and around the neighborhood, there is not as high of a demand of police watch as there would in other neighborhoods.
I have lived in this area my whole life. I know my next door neighbors by name as well as those many streets down. The events held like the annual Fourth of July parade and the Easter egg hunt are two of the neighborhood's biggest traditions. I am so proud to say that walking down the street, I do not fear my safety, but feel safe because I could go up to almost anyone's door, and know that I will be welcomed in and be known by name. The neighborhood was built in the fifties and sixties, and now many young families are moving in, making the neighborhood full of potential. Over the years, streets and curb appeal have improved, as well as our park. If I could come back to this neighborhood to live there when I am older, I would do so in a heartbeat.
Lately, more extreme weather but public services respond, at least on major roads. There are warning systems and effort to get community involved in emergency management. There is public awareness campaigns for getting individuals prepared for emergency events. The weather generally does not disrupt anything although ice storms and heavy snow can cause delays and closures something but it is not the norm...although again, nothing is the norm these days!
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Lots of diversity and all kinds of people. Hard to define the typical resident because there is no real average. I think as a community, they build off of each other and get along well although there are signs of racial and economic divisions. There is quite a large community of immigrants from all over the world and many languages can be heard. This adds to the colorful nature of shops and restaurants which cater to some of these groups. People are generally friendly and supportive of one another...not like a big city where people ignore each other.
There are several gyms (private). The YMCA moved from it's previous convenient location and not sure what has replaced it. The parks dept. rec center is not convenient but it does exist. There are pools and tennis courts...again, easy to go if you drive. Lots of walking and cycling. Nice parks for recreation.
It seems that people stay here a long time. It is a family community (not just young singles or couples), pet friendly, decent schools, well attended churches. It seems like a nice community for a family. It does not feel like a bedroom city or university town or transient city - it has a hometown established feeling to it.
I don't go out a lot but there are a couple of unique restaurants, a variety of ethnic foods and good markets.
Not a tourist area but there are many community events, weekly farmer's market, music and movies in the park etc. There are volunteer events in the community garden, parades and so on so it is nice for residents.
There are some areas safer than others, some places I would definitely avoid at night but overall, it is relatively safe and there are places to go if there is a problem. The city streets are well lit and walking from public transit to home feels safe. I know there is a crime rate and drug related crimes, some theft and vandalism in the area but it seems rather minor and I feel there is fairly good security. I often see police cars on patrol.
There is quite a bit of diversity throughout the city, some areas are quite old and run down, small older houses with small yards in contrast to newer areas that have luxury homes. New apts and condos are upscale. There are older apt buildings scattered around but many are being rennovated. It feels like there is constant building, fixing up, growing, is not a stagnant area.
Haven't found the kind of work I want nearby yet and finding work is more difficult than I expected but since I am still a student and not completely invested in job hunting, I carnnot say for certain how good or bad it is. I think it is about average based on the advertised position and I feel confident I will find the job that I want within the area.
Many bike routes and wide roads for cyclists; many sidewalks make it easy for pedestrians to get around; lots of public transit and parking at train stations. I find it a very easy place to get around without a car.
I have had no major problems. I have visited the fire station (to take a class) and was impressed with the station. I have reported stolen property and the police officers were very helpful. There are several community outreach events and programs where officials and public join for projects. I am not currently involved but such things exist and it gives me feeling that public is involved in govt. Public services are quite good, we have good transportation and security.
Beaverton has everything you need as far as entertainment, shopping, basics. it is accessible with public transportation and there are safe routes for cycling and walking as well. It feels like a city but also has many activities that give it a community feeling. It is nicer than most suburbs and more relaxed than downtown of larger city. It is relatively safe. The demographics are quite diverse...many ethnicities and income levels and lifestyles in a small area.
There are a number of green areas and designated wildli fe areas within walking distance of bus and transit lines so it is fairly easy to escape suburban/urban life into a forested area and still be near home. The city parks are well kept and clean, relatively safe, frequented by many people, host to numerous public events. Pollution is not a big issue here. I feel there is a lot of green space for a city.