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There is plenty of variety. However the cost of water seems excessively high.
There are many very nice wildlife parks. Typically they are well kept. However public parks are more difficult to maintain.
I do not travel too much, but I know there are plenty of walkways. Traffic does get congested however. Parking is typically easy to find except if an event is happening. I do not use public transportation so I cannot really comment on it.
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I honestly don't go out all that much, so my assessment is skewed. I have had some friendly neighbors in the area, but overall I don't interact much with the people of the community and they don't interact with me.
There is a wide range of facilities for various prices. There is also many great places to walk as well as great biking trails.
I have a heard about a few crimes here and there, but they seem to be few and far between.
It really depends on the time of day. At noon it feels like death, but mornings and afternoons are pleasent.
A lot of variety. There should be something for just about everyone.
Entry level jobs are plentiful, but it can be difficult to find good employment without knowing someone.