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Rainier Beach is a very convenient place to live. There are many markets and restaurants nearby with many community resources as well. Something I would like to see change in is the cleanliness of the neighborhoods. In the recent years, I've seen a lot of trash spread out along the sidewalks because the trash cans are either too full or too far away.
This neighborhood is very diverse and growing up here it's gotten more gentrified. So many little local shops and restaurants close by and people are friendly in the area. Also there are so many dogs.
Better safety school and community safegGuards need to be put into place. There's a lot of shootings and police activity cars get ripped off and I don't feel safe letting my so. Walk alone it's just out of control if u ask me.
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More walkability! Rainier Beach has a thriving community but needs more storefronts within walkable distance to liven it up. Most are just on Rainier Ave.
Rainier Beach is a majority African-American neighborhood. It is filled with tiny shops and restaurants which are really convenient. However, mainly at night, it can feel a little unsafe. It is not surrounded with the best public schools, but the high school (Rainier Beach HS) has a pretty good IB program for higher achieving students. The houses here are pretty affordable; although, I'm beginning to feel like this community is being gentrified. There are a ton of buses that make it convenient to bus to work or places in general, but there aren't many office/higher-paying job opportunities around here.
I loved the diversity I experienced living in this neighborhood. I loved the proximity to downtown Seattle. The light rail and numerous buses made excellent and convenient choices for commuting to work or to downtown for a night out. It is also very close to the airport which is great when you travel a lot. There are a lot of parks and playgrounds for kids. Easy access to hiking trails and close to the water. There is a nice boat ramp. Had a very good network of neighbors that look out for one another. Stores and restaurants are all available in the neighborhood many within walking distance.
There is a distinct sense of community in the Rainier Beach area. Although it may not be regarded as the "best" neighborhood in Seattle, when you interact with the residents here, they seem to be working towards creating a better Rainier Beach for themselves.
The area is very convenient. It's close to schools, community centers, libraries. gas stations, grocery markets. stores, and even fast food restaurants.
There isnt any crime in my neighborhood
Its a very good neighborhood everyone is so neighborly and nice.
It is pretty crime ridden given the median income and reputation of the neighborhood.
It is a really pretty neighborhood, not much of a community however, and becoming very gentrified.
Here in seattle it gets lots of ran but no to to much that i floods the city
to many fast food places
not to many places in my are i have to travel at least 5 to 10 miles out
it ok i shop out of area most of the time cause i buy in bulk
Affordable housing not too far away from the city center
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there is a number of good local stores not too far away
Large number of big companies around who take care of their employees
There are many outdoor activities and places where you can go, but it will take long drives to get to where you like. There are nationals parks and wildlife if a person is willing to drive that far distance. However, I know that many of the people i know like to go hunting, fishing, hunting, camping, etc. It is something that most people around here like to do and is enjoyable.