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The police are responsible and responsive to calls.
I love Anchorage's small town outdoorsy feel.
I have never seen police in my neighborhood and to me that it a good thing. I believe that the police are in the neighborhoods that need them the most. My neighborhood hasn't had any incidents of crime and I feel totally safe. I do watch for things and always check my surroundings because even if I don't hear about crimes doesn't mean they aren't happening. I'm not silly enough to believe that bad things can't happen in my neighborhood, but it hasn't happened yet.
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I expect for this area to stay the same. This area is is home to lots of wonderful people who have retired and are just enjoying life. They enjoy their peace and quiet and so does my family. If I had a chance to go back and revisit my family's decision to move there, that's exactly what I would choose.
I haven't had to worry about my own safety much, at least I have never been in a threatening situation, but if I were to be I feel like I could rely on the police to take care of it.
Alaska has to be the most welcoming, friendly place I've ever lived. The people all know each other and in general everyone is just kind and welcoming; I love it here.
Winter is long and cold and when it doesn't snow it is kind of miserable. But, when it snows it is lovely, and the summers are to die for. They are absolutely beautiful and Alaska has the best scenery.
I have been employed the five years I've lived here, and I have loved my jobs and felt satisfied with my pay.
There isn't a large selection of stores, and often the local ones are quite overpriced.
we have to travel to access parks or hiking trails. They are not far but still need to be access via transport of some sort.
I believe overall this is a safe feeling area. I have lived here for many years and have not had a feeling of insecurity regarding safety,
I believe our public services as far as fire, police are far spread for the amount of area they need to cover. I have personally made calls to the police to have an excessive delayed time to no time in response. I do believe we have laws in place that cannot be enforced that in turn make them not effective.
We are very fortunate to have weather that is very manageable, very rarely to hot or super cold with extreme elements of heavy snow or rain.
Our area is continuously growing allowing for a fast array of job opportunities that average in pay of 8.50 per hour to 20+.
We are fortunate to have a variety of medium capacity within our local area that offers food and drink of lower to higher end value and quality. There is something for everyone regardless of your income or taste palet.
The businesses in our area are great. The service, product, cleanliness and staff are of high quality.