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We just need to have a better way of people walking along the street. There is no side walk and that is dangerous.
I'm able to walk outside my home and feel safe enough to where I can leave the door unlocked, but I'll continuously monitor my surroundings to make sure everything is still okay.
Unfortunately, the job market in this area isn't so stable.
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There are not so many restaurants in this area.
There are so many convenience stores and retail shops that are easy to access.
Most people are very friendly and hospitable. Mostly elders in the area.
There is not much variety, in terms of food. Many fast food restaurants and grocery stores. Bar/nightlife is acceptable, depending on where one goes.
I would feel much safer if more police officers made rounds in the area, however, the crime rate is not terrible.
There is not much to do in the area, especially for young adults.
I strongly feel there should be a greater number of police officers in the area. Crime is not quite at its peak but it is not at its lowest point either.