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We just recently moved to Quaker Hill and it is beautiful! The people are so friendly and it is quite but close to everything. Love it!
The food itself is a good quality, but there aren't many places to go that are not fast food and the places that are close by are really small. There is one place to go to get food at a resturant, and that is the Riverfront. Now all the food is expensive.
I live in a loft, and heating is great upstairs, but downstairs it is poor. Most houses look old and there is not many lawns.
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I live next to the Main Street, so there is an abundance of drug stores, banks and small resturants.
The employment for college students is pretty sparse. Especially if it is your first "real" job. Most of the time what happens is people will ask for a job, and most employers will not accept you without experience. So before getting a job have experience. Also, finding a job you like is sort of difficult because most jobs here are conservative jobs; mostly banking jobs.
I haven't been living here that long, but I will say that in the winter, the city should be a little quicker to fix little problems such as damaged asphalt on the road. Also, It would be more efficient for us residents to have places we could park either for free, or that is free temporarily, especially around the colleges (Delaware College of Art ad Design). Otherwise everything seems to be pretty alright.