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Their are jobs in this area however it took me a couple of months for me to find a job. I live in Roseville but I work in Citrus Heights and it takes me 20 minutes each way which can use up a lot of gas.
People here are pretty friendly and willing to help when needed.
Natural disasters are very rare, as is snow. The low in the winter time is generally 50 degrees. Temperatures in the summer time usually don't rise above 110 degrees and that might be for a week.
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You can always see people frequenting the gym or walking/running outdoors.
Every type of restaurant can be found. There are Turkish, Indian, Thai, Italian, and Japanese restaurants-- anything you can think of.
You can get everything you need here with the variety of stores. Most of the mom-and-pop shops can be found in Downtown Roseville.
The job market is more open to those 18 or over with families.
Most cars yield to pedestrians. Highly congested areas are located typically near shopping centers and the Galleria mall.
We don't see very many tourists.
Nearby parks are always well kept and maintained.
The economy has remained stable here while in other parts of the country, it has gone downhill. In the future, I can see Roseville expanding.
The local Roseville government makes legislative decisions rapidly which helps to improve the community.
The quality of housing is great. Houses that are 15 to 20 years old still look relatively new. You rarely see an abandoned lot in West Roseville.
People tend to stay in the community primarily because of the great schools. Many people take their dogs out for a walk and frequent the nearby dog park and trails.
Police cars are always nearby, and the crime rate is low.