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I like the fact that the kids can play outside. In addition to that, majority of the neighbors are really nice, and helpful.
I see police a lot but that doesn't mean its safe because people continue to commit crimes. I wouldn't call my neighborhood safe until I see less police because that means that it is less crimes going on.
It's a lot of violence drugs and gangs in my area. I wouldn't want to stay in a place like this thats why I decided to go away for school, and why I am in school so I can have a good career and be able to move somewhere else. Somewhere where I won't have to worry about getting shot while taking out the trash or getting robbed while taking my little sisters to the park.
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The houses are centuries old, they have a good design, but in does have some fixes to be made.
The community is very nice and friendly. Everyone knows everyone and everyone hangs out with each other like family
The police are good to anyone who calls for help. There have been a few incidents that happened on and around my street, and the police handled it well. I can trust the police to protect me.
The people are very nice and mannered, they make sure each other is good. People are friendly and want to be your friend. When my family and I moved here, there were about five people who greeted us and welcomed us to the community. The children were even nice to my step-brother the first time they meet him. It feels very safe with the police near the neighborhood and the people in it.
This community is not united together.
I do not know much about the police in my area.
The area I live in is okay but outside isn't so safe. Because I live in London town which is a town hall complex which is separated from Pullman and Rosaland.
Community meeting so that everyone knows whats going on
No crime really very safe
Everyone is very nice and respectful
My overall experience is that ,I enjoy this area, and that out of any of the other areas out there , I feel most comfortable here.
Crime happening all the time.I don't feel safe in my own community. The education is horrible the system are closing schools down every year. By the system doing that they are over filling classrooms. The drop out rates are increasing because schools teachers and staffs don't care about the students.