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Safety definitely is not an issue. Although police are not seen there definitely there when they are needed. Kids can wonder aimlessly and still feel comfortable.
The city has a lot to do, just at a cost. Overall its a gorgeous city and if you're desperate enough to find something to do theres something out there
I am used to city living, and this town is not fast paced enough for me.
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I live in a middle-class area surrounded by upper-class mansions. The middle-class areas are filling up quickly. The mansions are popping up everywhere! There's not really a bad place to live in South Charlotte.
Sense of community is fairly strong, especially in areas near public schools. The area is extremely pet and family friendly. Most cars on the roads in this area have Carolina Panther bumper stickers... Panther Pride is a very big deal around here!
Police presence is noticeable. I feel very safe in the area!
Since there are so many people living here, the traffic is CRAZY! But it's a great place to live and raise your family!
There are fun things to do all year round, from sporting events to games to concerts to movies. Something new is always changing and keeping the place exciting. Uptown and surrounding areas are expanding and improving.
This area is great now, but it is declining