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Providence Plantation is a beautiful yet quiet neighborhood that I am glad to call home. It is located only about one mile away from my school, Grace Academy. I have lived here for approximately three and a half years.
Due to the high amount of families in Charlotte, it's generally very safe. However, crime can't be avoided entirely. South Charlotte's largest problem would be drug abuse and addiction.
In general, South Charlotte lacks character.
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I grew up in this area and have loved it since the beginning.
The winter season is mild and the summer is hot but manageable. There are not huge amounts of thunderstorms and hardly any major weather events (hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes).
There are some events in Matthews but not very many huge attractions.
People are very friendly and happy. People in this area are also very diverse and come from a wide range of cities.
People are very active; always walking their dogs, going to the YMCA, and running in the neighborhood. There are 3 major hospitals within 20 miles of this area in addition to dental offices, orthodontic offices, optometrists, salons, and pediatricians all within a 15 minute drive.
If you drive into Matthews, which is about a 8-10 minute drive, there are several mom-and-pop shops that include hardware stores, restaurants, bike shops, and a fresh garden market where local farmers come to sell their crops. There is a Publix and a 24-hour Harris Teeter about 5 minutes from my residence and several small eateries.
There are a few parks in the area, but if you want to go hiking or mountain biking you have to drive about an hour. The closest beach is about 4 to 5 hours away, but the pollution is not bad.
This area has a great atmosphere and there is plenty of activities to do.
Most people in this area work in the city either in the banking or the investment businesses.
The roads are well taken care of and local laws keep the citizens safe.
There are rarely any vacant properties. All of the properties are well kept and many people have a lawn service take care of their yard.
I don't have any concerns, we have a very good community and if there are any occurrences then emails are sent out to warn homeowners.
The community is very pet friendly, everyone is walking their dogs in the mornings and late afternoons. People tend to live here long periods of time because the schools in the area are very good and many home owners in this neighborhood have children. There are two community pools at which you can schedule/plan special events.
The only public transportation available is the Cats bus transportation, most everyone else drives a car or rides their bike. Parking is only available at your own residence. There are no highly congested areas or major traffic concerns.