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Love the area. Not a high crime area rarely hear of anything happening. Schools around here are great. Never had any issues. I'm right in the middle of all the necessary stores I need.
This used to be a pretty nice place to live. Over the last year we have began to see a state of serious decline. Our Fresh Market is closing this week. The local farmers market closed last month. There are frequent break-ins and other crime. I've stopped shopping at my local Harris Teeter because of frequent car jackings and robberies. I drive to a store further away. There are a lot of "ok" restaurants and you can get outside the area to entertainment and food easily. I'm currently looking to get out of the area.
the police are pretty quick whenever there is a problem
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i love the city of Charlotte
I personally haven't needed police, but they seem pretty responsive and are friendly when seen in the grocery store or just out and about.
I am used to more quieter areas. It's a little busier here, so I would find myself only moving to somewhere more quieter and secluded.
There have been a few crimes recently, but they are almost always people who know each other in fights. They are not random so they are not concerning for me.
I love living in the area I do. There are always great things going on. There are a multitude of malls and shopping centers, the whitewater center is not far, and the downtown area of Charlotte is fantastic. There are always free things going on in the city.
The housing is nice, but not out of price range. Most are moderately sized, but are kept up to date. The best area to reside is probably around the concord border, and the worst is probably near sugar creek.
The community is very diverse, but most neighborhoods are close knit and have events. Pets are welcome and appreciated almost everywhere!
Crimes obviously occur, as they do everywhere. But mainly robberies, petty theft, and suspicious activity/drug use. The police is very prevalent though.
This Area Is Beautiful and Very Atmosphere Friendly! Neighbors have great communication and I would love to move back in the area if it does not change in communication.
I love Charlotte. The crime is generally pretty low, normally just petty theft. I would totally live here again.
My overall opinion about this area is that it is growing and thus I like it.
The gated community of which I reside called Harris Pond is an excellent property with beautiful fixtures and accommodations. It's residents are often friendly and sometimes even neighborly. There is the occasional outcast that wishes to withdraw into seclusion however, they typically keep to themselves. Those labeled outcasts in particular are commonly seen as a threat which is due to unfounded suspicion or blatant misconduct in specific situations, typically disrespect in one way or another. Beyond the sporadic flake in secluded society, Harris Pond provides a comfortable atmosphere suited to many and what seems to be enjoyed by the majority. It may not be my favorite place to live in my years up to now but I am content as a college student for it's peaceful ambiance and balanced nature and would recommend to other students in the future who seek a tranquil, undisturbed environment.
some of the housing developments are confusing.
My neighborhood isnt that great and my neighbor got robbed last christmas but its always been fairly quiet around there.
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Its hot during the summer but in the winter its very nice.
Wet willies at the nc music factory is great.
You can find a hum drum job easy, a more prestigious job is a little harder to come by.