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Prospect Park - East River Road Reviews

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Love the neighborhood. Neighbors are friendly and helpful, yet aren’t “nosy” and are respectful of personal privacy. Access to light rail, banking, food, gas stations, and close to the university. Centrally located between Minneapolis and St. Paul. Close to the University of Minnesota—walking distance!
I like more nature areas and less busy people.
I don't like the threat of crime I tend to feel. I'm alerted when crimes happen on or near the campus area, and it makes me nervous. I miss having more trees and seeing stars at night. It just doesn't feel much like home to me, just a temporary place while I get my degree.
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Minneapolis has great public schools, a world renowned public research University, a great night life, it is the Number One city for bikers and is a great place to raise a family
The people I have met so far are really nice
I have not heard about any crimes around here recently but there was a girl who got beat up a week ago near my apartment. She is okay now and the police were there almost immediately but the people who beat her up were not found.
The businesses I have visited since I have moved here are really great
There is a lot of snow during the winter but the people here are really quick at getting the snow off the streets so accidents are minimal
The apartment I moved into is really nice for an awesome low cost that I can afford!
Very accessible all in walking distance for those that are without a car and the neighborhood is alright..
There are frequent petty crimes in the area. However, the local authorities are good at spreading the word regarding recent crimes and advising civilians on how to remain safe.
Jobs availability seems okay. The overall job market seems steady, without much positive or negative change.
There is a slight lack of retail stores in the area. It is a twenty minute drive to find a variety of stores such as Walmart or Target. There also seems to be a lack of gas stations. In most places it seems that, while driving, gas stations will find you, whereas in Minneapolis you really have to search for them.
In the area I live, there are many different cultural options of restaurants. American, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Italian are examples of restaurants that can be found easily in the area.
There are a lot of subsidized jobs at the University
Winter is the hardest month as the weather can ranges from freezing, snow piles to slushy, just approve freezing, gray days. The roads are salted and plowed as eel as the sidewalks. Flooding has never been an issue.
There are several restaurants in the area, so many that I haven't gone to all of them. Many people can be seen in every restaurant, suggesting that people still enjoy the place.
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There are several parks in the area, all are well kept. There are trails that lead down to the river which is still in a natural condition. Wild animals are rare and of small species, usually only found by the river.
Most of the roads in the area are suburban roads. Those that aren't, usually have buses running on them that stop frequently. Some can't be driven on by anything except buses and bikes.
There are many businesses in the area, more for those with a car. Even those who must take local transport or those who walk have several options to choose from.