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I love that this neighborhood feels like a community. After my last two neighborhoods became increasingly gentrified it's nice to be somewhere where I can be surrounded by beautiful brown people.
Prospect Lefferts gardens is a great place for students such as my self. Centrally located to all MTA transit and an adorable park smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood it’s a wonder why all students to medgar Evers aren’t living here.
I would like to see housing prices lowered as they are becoming very expensive. Also I would like to see more safe places in the community where small children can play.
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Prospect Park Lefferts Garden has changed a lot since I moved there. I live on Ocean avenue and Church which is about 10 minutes walk from Prospect Park and Ditmas Park. I like this neighborhood a lot for all the many different people living there. Very diverse. Many families, artists and people who have been living there for a few generations. There are good health food grocery stores and great local markets. There is a little community garden where you can leave compostage. Many different progressive preschools have emerged in the neighborhood as well as library stores such as Greenlight. Being close to Prospect Park is great if you have a dog or like to jog. There are great play grounds for children as well and a soccer field and tennis fields available in the winter. The only inconvenience is the parking lots. It is challenging to find space to park if you have a car. The best way would be to rent one or have a garage.
I've never had an issue with crime and I've never felt unsafe in this area. A lot of the people are very friendly and will say hi, good morning, how's it going, etc. as you cross paths around here. There are some people that do nothing but loiter all day but they're nice people in general (they are mostly elderly folks and immigrants). I've been on the Prospect Park stop of the B/Q train at all hours of the night and have never had any issues. I was very sick one night and blacked out at the station (with a backpack full of money and personal info) and woke up to several concerned people that made sure I was ok and a couple of them even helped me walk back to my apartment. I woke up the next day on my couch with everything still in my backpack and my apartment completely untouched. There's also police that like to patrol that station as well as an MTA help desk so the security is always good. The worst incident I can think of that has happened since I've lived here was one issue this past summer of some crazy guy that went down Lefferts Ave slashing tires. The police were able to catch him and resolve the issue relatively fast that same night. The only safety concern I wish was addressed better is that big van pseudo-bus/taxi service that rides down Flatbush Ave. If police could patrol that strip a lot more often then pedestrians and drivers wouldn't have to fear getting run over by those vans that commit blatant traffic infractions.
There's a mix of all housing types from single family homes and beautifully converted Brownstone and Italianate rowhomes to 6-story tenement buildings and newly built highrises that makes the neighborhood very diverse and lively. There are a lot of small businesses, restaurants, and several super markets in the area that make shopping very convenient. The only downside is that there are still some unemployed people in the area that do nothing but sit and stand outside all day everyday. If the sidewalks were a little wider (or they simply didn't loiter everyday) then the area would be a lot more pleasant. Also, there is this horrible big van pseudo-bus/taxi service that rides up and down Flatbush Ave that will literally run you over or out of your lane and blow through red lights with absolutely no regards for basic traffic laws. They'll toot their weak little horn as they commit all kinds of infractions so if you're on the phone or listening to music and not paying attention then you'll be SOL if one of these vans is blazing through. Overall, the area is still a work in progress but with all of the new construction and new businesses in the area I can only see it getting a lot better within the next 5 years.
not much crime

in fact less and less crime reported over the years
a lot of gentrification and diversity
Its okay, there's not a lot of crimes but is also not a perfect neighborhood.
There is a lot of predomently white people moving in and that is making everything more expensive.
The crime in this area, compared to other parts of Brooklyn (Bed Stuy, Red Hook, etc.), is much lower. However, if I were to walk at 3am alone, I'd be wary as there is a possibility of getting mugged. Other than that, I wouldn't worry too much. The neighborhood's prevalence of crime has dropped significantly compared to ten years ago. The police can be found patrolling the neighborhood once in a while.
The general atmosphere is quiet noisy, due to the proximity to Prospect Park, local shops and amenities, but the area is much more safe than it was, say, ten years ago. Gentrification has highly affected this part of town, however, and there are a lot of new residents moving in along with sky-high condos popping up. The rent has also increased. However, I think the area isn't bad as it's only a 15 minute train ride to Manhattan. Despite Prospect Park always being crowded, it's still a walk away. I don't know if I would choose to live here again, but I do see the future of this neighborhood improving drastically, along with much more development.
Mostly residential, family owned homes with working parents and kids in school.
It is a residential neighborhood, mostly food shops and delis! With several trains and buses on the main street, you will always have a way home or out. The park is the haven of the neighborhood, early mornings are amazing. It will continue to be rebuilt and gentrified, but hopefully it will maintain it's charm.
Not much you see going on day to day, but crime does happen occasionally.
Lefferts Gardens has always been a beautiful neighborhood; it's blocks are lined with brownstones and limestones of which one cannot help and wonder, "How much do these houses cost?" I grew up here and it saddens me to know that the racial demographic of this neighborhood will change so drastically simply because mostly white people of middle and classes beyond can afford to live here.
There is crime and robbery but its not to bad
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Its okay its the best place because their is crime but good schools in the area and nice parks
I do feel safe in my neighborhood as of late which I think is one of the better changes that have occurred over the years. The question is though, has there been more police visibility because this neighborhood has had an increase in the white population here or has it increased in an actual effort to lower the crime rate in the neighborhood.
I definitely can't imagine living anywhere else, I was just sad so see how much the area has changed. So many of the other African American families in the area have been forced to move out because the rent is getting more and more expensive. Even though we've been here for a while they want to raise the rent so that they can push us out and then rent out the place for almost twice as what we pay, which is unfair.