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My experience living in the Prospect Hill neighbor hood on San Antonio has grounded my existence. Coexisting with the people of my side has led me to the conclusion that not everything is granted in this life, and if i want to make something of myself, I'm going to have to work really hard for it, there aren't freebie for people like us. This neighborhood opens your eyes to the realities of poverty, to half paved roads to streets with 4 houses because the others were torn down or condemned. Even though coming from this tough neighborhood can be a downer on life expectations, it has become a life motivator for my path. I do not plan on living on these streets for the rest of my life and i know I can make it out, like so many before me.
Crime in my neighborhood is very minimal, everyone knows everyone and keeps to themselves unless help is needed. However we do get a couple hooligans from time to time that come break laws but that is not very often.
In the neighborhood I currently live in, is where I pretty much grew up. It's tough to say but I hope to one day move away from this neighborhood but to make sure to never forget the neighborhood which watched me grow.
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Neighborhood is relatively safe, no issues arise often and if so the police are near
Very friendly with the neighbors and the Hispanic culture
The housing is more okay than bad, but it still is an issue. There are lots of abandoned buildings and homeless reside in them.
The community I reside in is very homey. Everyone knows each other and they are willing to help out others in need.
Although my neighbors are highly trustable, the people who roam the streets are not. Around my neighborhood i feel unsafe to walk around certain areas, even during the day, when the sun shining bright and everything is visible. Cops are patrolling the constantly, but even at that, burglaries around the community are extremely common.
Safety around the area can sometimes be a concern. It is all about where to be at the proper time and place. You may seem mysterious people walking around and dark streets.
I have lived here my whole life. I really like the atmosphere, not much goes on but there is a lot of pride from us Hispanics. Overall it is an okay community. If things were to get better, I would liver here when I'm older. There are many people who are unemployed and many buildings are old and dilapidated. I think that the infrastructure around the area is poor but it is growing and hopefully would be a thriving community.
There have been times where people have stuff that have been stolen form cars around my area but lately there has not..
I love the area because it fits with my parents money that they make but it inst somewhere where I would want to live
I've lived here, in this house, my entire life. I am accustomed to the ways of this neighborhood, and I find no specific danger to it.
Living in the west side on San Antonio, you will always see a police parked somewhere just looking over the neighborhood. At times you may her a gun shot or two but I've never experience vandalism or major crimes in the area.
Our streets are bad, they are very bumpy from the buses. My mom calls the city to complain but they stay the same.
It's Okay, just some people ruin it, but I love how close to downtown I am.
Crime is everywhere in this area. There is always something happening. Police cars are always around and at times there are helicopters looking for someone as well. You have to be around someone strong and tough to feel safe around this neighborhood.
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It can be unsafe at times. You ALWAYS need someone to walk or ride bikes with you, especially if you're a girl. There is lots of homeless people near the gas stations by the busy streets. People also tend to rob whenever they can if they see something they can sell off but mostly steal bikes so its wise to always keep things chained up or locked inside. However there are some friendly neighbors who always watch out for one another so if something happens there always willing to help. I honestly wouldn't choose to live here again if it was up to me, I just don't feel safe at times. I hope in the future they fix up the streets a little better and put some speed bumps in the area because they always tend to to go fast on both the big streets and little streets as well. This area of town needs help in all areas.
The community is close. Everyone knows everyone or another family member. The people who still live here probably went to school together. It's a little dangerous in this side of town, but I still choose to stay here on hopes that there community changes and prospers.
It's where I grew up so it will always be home to me but I wouldn't raise my future kids here.