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Prospect Heights is a beautiful historic neighborhood in Brooklyn. There are tree-lined streets and stately brownstone row-houses dating back to the late 19th Century. It's situated near Prospect Park, Brooklyn Museum, Central Library, Grand Army Plaza and Eastern Parkway where the West Indian Day Parade takes place each year. It's a diverse neighborhood in close proximity to most MTA lines and the LIRR. Fun fact: show Living Single was set and filmed here. My main critique is that motorists and bicyclists don't always stop at the stop signs. I've seen someone get and hit and was almost hit myself.
I love it! Prospect Heights is great. It's convenient to subways, has great food, coffee and bars, and is just a nice area. The one big downside is that there aren't any outstanding supermarkets. There are a few okay ones but I have to bike or take the subway to get to a really great one.
Prospect Heights is very diverse with variety of ways and transportation available to to get to your desired destination.
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Very diverse, yet can be busy with the Barclays Center events. but always something to do! Lots of bars, restaurants and stores to shop at.
This neighborhood is amazing, the mix of different people and community is wonderful. I love how you can eat a huge range of different cuisines. The neighborhood has a mix of families, different genders, lots of dogs, and different ethnicities. I find my neighbors to be very friendly and well meaning people. The night-life is great. I also love walking around in the evening. The proximity to Prospect Park is amazing!!
I love prospect heights. there are tons of great restaurants and small shops in the area. I love the diversity of people living in the neighborhood and it has a very upbeat attitude with everyone coexisting in harmony.
prospect heights has change mightily over the last 10 years.many different cultures and races have moved in and started changing it but for the better. More pop up food spots have appeared better menus.
A good place near the park and various trains.
The neighborhood has a lot of families that have been here for generations, recent immigrants, and transplants from around the country.
There are museums and good places to eat for visitors.
There is very good public transportation access to the neighborhood.
People are very friendly and take care of the community.
There's a lot of great variety and options for anything you would want to shop for or eat.