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The housing weren't cared for by the city so the owners would try their best to keep the inside clean. There were a lot of abandoned houses in the neighborhood and a lot of cats would live under or around them.
Since I was a little kid, everyone who lived in this neighborhood grew up together, went to the same grade schools, and left at the same age. Almost every house had a dog or two and whenever there was a game on or a certain movie came on, all the kids would gather at someone's house and watch it together.
crime is very terrible in the downtown west palm beach area, you cant even take a walk down the street without fearing for your life.
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the area i live in is okay but the outskirts of my residence is horrible so much gun violence and drugs around its a shame that's why i'm in school when i can be financially stable enough to move out of the ghetto area of west palm beach and possibly move in to an nice suburban area to raise my four daughters i know we must crawl before we can walk but i cant even walk my kids to the park without fearing for our life
If you love to eat, this is the place for you. You can find Indian, Chinese, Tai, Mexican, and many other ethnicity food here. You don't even have to travel far. The Bars are great.
Gas stations are very popular here.
Finding job is very hard in this area. It's very competitive.