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I have grown up in Princeton Lakes and it is as safe as it is beautiful! I live walking distance from a great Elementary school, a pool and clubhouse facility, and many local restaurants and stores! Overall, I've loved living here for the last 17 years.
In generally involved with the community here. Im very busy, so I'm not as involved as I would like.
Overall, I feel okay, in terms of safety, here. We do lived close to a pretty bad neighborhood and come times they we come over. They don't cause much damage however. My car did get broken into about a 2 months ago, but other than that, its good
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I love the overall experience here. With me being fairly new, I haven't seen much I didn't like. One thing I do miss however, is the "small neighborhood" feel. In my old neighborhood everybody knew everybody and I loved that. In this neighborhood, I don't know anybody.
It's a great place to live.
Other than the crime it is amazing!!!
I have no problem finding help
The houses are very nice!
The weather here is great besides the pollen.
The restaurants in this area are nice and well set up for people to have plenty of options
There a lot of oppotunities
Everything is very close and convenient for me.